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ultraman88 2.12 -0.18
1minweight 0.00 +0.00
ezpayjobs 0.04 -0.00
geniusbr 366.50 +0.85
prodentim 238.14 -6.66
attractbr 203.37 +0.05
balmorex 157.59 -2.24

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Label Column Description DEMO PRO
Category Category Category
Ranking Rank Marketplace Ranking
Listed Cats Cats Number of categories  
Product Name Product Product Name- Required
ClickBank ID Vendor Vendor Nickname  
Began (date) Began Product First Appeared (date)  
Listed (date) Listed First Appeared in Category (date)  
Moved (date) Moved Ranking Last changed on (date)  
Product Price Price Product Price $  
Earn % Earn% Affiliates Earn %
Earn $ Earn$ Affiliates Earn $  
Vendor $ VP$ Vendor Net Profit $  
Rank Change Change Last Ranking Change  
Moving Avg Mva Moving Average shows the avg change in ranking positions over time.  
Momentum Mntm Predictive Analysis tool based on a product current sales performance  
Rank Histories Logs Ranking Histories Log Count  
Start Rank StartRank Start Ranking Position  
Initial $/sale Initial $/sale Average Net Amount Earned Per Affiliate Per Referred Sale.
% per sale Avg %/sale Average Percentage Commission Earned Per Affiliate Per Referred Sale.
% referred Referred Fraction of publisher's total sales that are referred by affiliates.
Gravity Gravity Distinct # of Affiliates who Earned a Referral Commission for product.
Age Age Days since product first appeared in Marketplace
Avg Rebill Total Subscription Avg Rebill Total  
Gravity Delta GravChg Change in gravity  
Refund Rate Refund Percentage of sales that are refunded by buyers  
Avg $/sale Avg $/sale For one-time purchases, this is the average amount that an affiliate earns for each sale of this product.
% per rebill Avg %/rebill % per rebill  

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