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Grouping Search Results

In order to give you a better understanding of what this feature actually does, I'm going minimize the number of results using only these search parameters in my example:

Ranked In:   Top 50
Keywords:   blogging
Look In:   Title Only

As of this writing, running a search on CBengine with the parameters shown above will bring up 4 unique products listed across 9 marketplace listings. Grouping is done via these menus:

Here's how you can get the most from these search results....

Category view:

Early on we decided to make this the primary display for search results. This decision was made in order to mirror the categorized nature of the ClickBank Marketplace that most affiliates are now use to. Categories are displayed in alphabetical order with products listed below and their respective rankings.

Product view:

Displays search results by product and the categories it's listed in underneath. This view shows the exact same information as above, the only difference is how it's grouped. This option is convenient in situations where you want to get an overall idea where a product ranks across the entire ClickBank marketplace without clicking into further details. I also find it helpful for quickly comparing multiple products and their marketplace rankings.

Averages view:

This view shows the computed averages for the highlighted values. Notice how the product "Atomic Blogging 3.0" is listed in 4 categories ranked at positions 1, 7, 17 and 21 (shown above). By changing the display to the "Averages" view, you'll notice that the ranking changes to "11", which is a computed average from those 4 categories (as shown below). Also notice that none of the numbers change for the product "Niche Blogging Profits". This is because of the search criteria we provided in the beginning. Niche Blogging Profits is only ranked in the "top 50" for 1 marketplace category; so only that listing comes up for our search criteria. So any change in search parameters (i.e. ranked in) can also change the values.

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