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geniusbr 366.50 +0.85
prodentim 238.14 -6.66
attractbr 203.37 +0.05
balmorex 157.59 -2.24

INTRO: How to use cbengine

ClickBank Product Search Overview

CBENGINE is a powerful research and tracking tool that lets you find quality products of interest in the ClickBank Marketplace. Simply use the search box in the right-hand menu to begin finding ClickBank Products. We suggest you experiment with it and try all the search variables and combinations of search variable available. It takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy.

Product Ranking History & Statistics Page

The ClickBank Marketplace (found on only shows a product's current rank. Luckily, CBENGINE collects and stores each product's ranking history weekly. Affiliates analyze the sales data to find products to promote or track.

The ranking history provides insight into how well a product sells over time. For example, if the ranking steadily increases, it means that the product's sales performance is improving and may be a good candidate for promoting. But if the ranking decreases over time it usually means the product has lost its power, suffering massive refunds, or the product has run its course. The more you know about the products you promote the more profitable you will become!

Folders & Bookmarks

The bookmark system is built right into the search results page. This allows you to quickly "save" products of interest to your Inbox folder for later review and analysis. Bookmarks can be added, deleted, moved, grouped and exported. The bookmark manager also let's you know if and when a ClickBank product is removed from the ClickBank marketplace. The bookmark function is designed to make research easy.

A note on affiliate product commission dollar amounts paid:

Occasionally a vendor will change their price and it'll take some time for CBENGINE to update the change. We recommend you check product prices before you promote.

Removed Products List:

CBENGINE also let's you know when a product is removed from the ClickBank marketplace. However, just because a product is not listed in the marketplace doesn't necessarily mean it has been discontinued. It is always a good idea to verify that product by clicking on the "visit website" link from the product detail page because often times a removed product will reappear.

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