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ClickBank Storefront PHP script

Place the ClickBank Marketplace on your website in minutes with the standalone PHP script is free with your paid CBengine pro edition subscription. It will also work during your 7-day demo period.

  1. Products are searchable by keyword or ClickBank marketplace category.
  2. The ClickBank Product Database is Self-Updating.

Setup in 5 minutes:

  1. Download & Extract
  2. Modify the settings located in index.php. See 'Readme.txt' for more information.
  3. Upload to a directory on your website.


  • CBengine Membership (click here)
  • ClickBank Account (click here)
  • Website with PHP: The PHP configuration needs to have the PHP_CURL Extension Installed, or, fopen wrappers enabled. Contact your web server administrator about the above settings if you're having problems getting the store to work.

Online Demo:

  1. ClickBank Storefront Demo 1 - Category Layout 1
  2. ClickBank Storefront Demo 2 - Category Layout 2

Storefront Hosting

Many Hosting companies do not have full PHP settings activated, which will cause our ClickBank Storefront not to work. It can be frustrating and time consuming hopping from host to host trying to find a place where the storefront works. Not to worry - we have done the research for you! We have found a provider that has the proper settings and is reasonably priced. Use the Coupon Code CBENGINE12 to get $9.94 off any HOSTGATOR hosting package.

Click here to view the plans available.

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