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CBengine™ Bookmark System

An overview of the ClickBank Bookmark System

Our bookmark system saves and organizes ClickBank product names and other information for your review. Great for researching or referencing products you promote or track.

Tracking ClickBank Products

  1. Saving to your bookmarks
    When you bookmark products from the cbengine research section, they are listed, by default, in your 'inbox' temp folder. From here you create and group them into easy to manage folders. In addition, you can set bookmark preferences in the member section. You have three options: turn off bookmarks. Turning off bookmarks increases search results speed. Default setting: again just placing bookmarks in inbox for later organization. Or three: pop-up mode. This allows you to create and organize into folders as you select products. The options provide for different working styles.
  2. Removed Product List
    If you see a 'removed product' list on the main bookmark page, that means you have products bookmarked that were not found in the Clickbank marketplace during our last update. You can either delete or keep and see if the product comes back. (products often do)

Adding, Editing, Deleting and Moving Folders

  1. What are bookmark folders?
    Create folders, group, create subfolders and move by draging and droping or using the drop-down functionality.
  2. How do I delete a bookmark?
    Click the 'garbage can'. Keep in mind, if you delete a bookmarked product that you have in more than one folder (one product can be listed in several categories) , it will be deleted from all folders that include it.

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