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ultraman88 1.43 -0.22
1minweight 0.00 +0.00
ezpayjobs 0.00 +0.00
geniusbr 447.61 +11.14
prodentim 200.12 +4.20
attractbr 186.55 -2.84
balmorex 126.89 -1.76

ClickBank Ranking History

ClickBank's Marketplace shows only the product's current rank. CBengine pulls and tracks each product's ranking history week by week. Ranking History sheds light onto how well a product sells over a period of time. A product on the rise indicates it might be a good product to promote. A ranking descending might signal the product is loosing it's momentum, or experiencing a lot of returns.

Product ranking histories show the following information by marketplace category:
  • Date - the date when the rank was achieved.
  • Rank - the rank that was achieved on that date.
  • Mntm - the momentum that was achieved on that date.
  • Chng - the change in ranking position from the last ranking achieved.
  • Graph - the bar provides a quick at-a-glance view for a product's performance over time.

A ranking history with only a single record indicates that rank has been steady, products with frequent ranking changes display more ranking records in their histories. Look for the products that display continuous increasing rank information.

How The ClickBank® Marketplace Works

In the ClickBank Marketplace web site products are ranked by their "productivity score". To preserve the integrity of the system ClickBank does not publish the exact formula for the score, but do say that it is a function of three factors:

  1. The number of sales of that product generated by affiliates.
  2. The number of affiliates who made those referrals.
  3. The total dollar volume earned by affiliates on those sales.

All factors are combined, and adjusted such that more recent sales activity is given greater weight. Products are not listed until at least one has been sold. ClickBank affiliates earn a percentage of every purchase made by every customer they refer to any ClickBank product.

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