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ultraman88 2.12 -0.18
1minweight 0.00 +0.00
ezpayjobs 0.04 -0.00
geniusbr 366.50 +0.85
prodentim 238.14 -6.66
attractbr 203.37 +0.05
balmorex 157.59 -2.24

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ClickBank Bookmark Manager

An overview of the professional edition ClickBank product bookmark manager:

Quick Overview

ClickBank Bookmarks Screenshot

The bookmark system lets you remember ClickBank products that you are interested in promoting or tracking. When you bookmark products from search result or product detail pages, they are placed in your main Inbox folder. You can bookmark products by clicking the bookmark icon in the search results page.

New Feature: Turn your Bookmark Folders into Adsense Style Ads!

When you create custom folders and place Clickbank products into it, you can get adcode to use on your website! Simply click one of your custom folders from the left menu... and you'll notice a link called "click here for adcode" near the bottom. You can also customize individual product Titles & Descriptions for use in ads by clicking on the edit icon edit icon for any product listed in your folders!

Drag & Drop Folder Organization

Your folders (and bookmarks) can be quickly organized by dragging & dropping them to a destination folder. To move folders or bookmarks to a different folder, click, hold & drag an item's icon to any other visible folder icon on your screen... and drop.

Removed ClickBank Products

These bookmarked products have been removed from the ClickBank® Marketplace. However, just because a product is not listed in the marketplace, does not mean it has been discontinued. If you are currently promoting a product listed below, be sure to double check the vendor's website by clicking the website icon because often times removed products will reappear.

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