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Moon Reading - Interactive Astrology Reading that converts like CRAZY!

Hyper accurate Astrology Reading trending on TikTok and IG! Forget "shocking" VSLs with stock footage, this fully personalized reading takes astrology to a new level. Make $$$ on Email, Cold Traffic or SM. Your audience will LOVE this video reading!

(Miracle Money Magnets) New VSL Is Seeing Higher Conversions. Now seeing over 5% conversations with 40% Take rate with upsells & downsells. This offer is crushing it in the PD/Spirituality space. Head Below For Our Full JV Tools Page down below!

The Genius Wave

Hyper-conversions, BIG-TIME EPC's, Neuroscientist-endorsed product. Go HERE to get your link: NEW OFFER: From the 8-figure VSL team behind Billionaire Brain Wave. Test your traffic & watch the big EPC's roll in.

The Divine Prayer - The Second Best Manifestation Offer In The WORLD!

Tested on cold traffic with $100,000+ before launching. Monster performance on cold traffic. Money printer on email and organic. 75% commission on the WHOLE funnel. For more details:

Billionaire Brain Wave - Brand New VSL From 8-Figure Marketer

High conversions, FAT EPC's, killer copy, and a great product. This is a BRAND-NEW VSL monster. Go HERE to get your link: Test your traffic and SEE why aff's love this promoting this offer.

New December - The Language of Abundance - Epic Conversions

New offer seeing huge EPCs! This offer is based off a True Story that has thought provoking experiences that brings this offer to life. Make huge commissions with 5 upsells/5 downsells funnel plus change a life at the same time. Send now and make bank!

Soul Flame Reading - High Converting for Spirituality Audiences

3% Conversion Rate In Cold Traffic. Over 7 Figures Spent in Media Buying. Less than 8% Refund Rate! High Converting Email Sequences!

WealthDNA – One of the Best Offers Leading in Wealth Manifestation

A Diamond-Partner-made Wealth Manifestation Offer, nothing lesser than A Conversion Monster! Frontend Converts At More Than 2.0%. offer is optimized for cold traffic and email list! Send some test traffic and you will believe it~

Mystery School Code - Brand New Manifestation & L O A Offer Nov 2022

Brand new, high-converting Manifestation and Law of Attraction offer that is based on teachings from the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools. Story-based sales letter appeals exceptionally well to Personal Development traffic and lists.

Spiritual Salt: Brand New Spirituality Offer, High-Conversion Machine

A New Physical Offer that is designed for Results & Conversions. Appeals to Manifestation / LOA/ Spiritual Lists! Works well on Email Lists & Cold Traffic. What’s stopping you to Start Making Money now! High EPC & ROAS on FB waiting for you right away

Shifting Vibrations: Manifestation Offer From CB Platinum Plus Vendor

This Has Done Over $1M In Sales Using Our Own COLD Paid Traffic. Shifting Vibrations Is A Proven New Wealth Manifestation Offer Your Traffic Hasn't Seen Yet. Great Conversions, High AOVs, And EPCs Up To $2.56+. Send A Test Today And See!

Pineal XT - Top Converting Pineal Gland and Manifestation Offer

Brand new unique offer designed to help support the pineal gland, and aid with manifestation. Expertly crafted funnel & copy with $300+ AOV and $4 EPCs. Untapped niche with no competition. Scalable, whitehat offer. You need to promote it to see!

April 2022 $6k Contest - EPC Monster - Draw My Twin Flame!

Get ready for some epic commissions, affiliates are doing thousands a day on this hot new offer! Works for spirituality, personal development and self help lists extremely well. Recurring rebills, high conversion rates and fully customized funnel. Try it

Soul Manifestation - Make Thousands A Day

Fully Personalized Brand New Personal Development Offer Converts 2-3x Better Than Anything Else You've Ran This Year. 100% Launch Contest + Cash Prizes. $2 EPC On email traffic, Come See For Yourself

New Mega Hit The Abundance Accelerator. Huge Epcs!!!

The Abundance Accelerator is a brand new manifestation offer that is crushing it in the Spirituality/PD space. Transformational coach Allanah Hunt has created a new product your list is going to love. Full JV Tools Page Below..

Christ Consciousness Code - *Hot* April 2024 Launch - Make $$$ Now!

Latest conversion-monster from 3X Clickbank Platinum Vendor. Delicious EPC. Low refunds. Paying 75% across the entire funnel (3 upsells). Grab your affiliate tools:

Just Updated Seeing Over $2 EPC's On Cold Traffic!!

This offer is converting better then any other PD/Spiritual Offer on Clickbank! Instant Manifestation Secrets is like no other program out there. Author, motivational speaker Croix Sather has put a program together that your audience will love!!

Newly Optimized - Soulmate Reading Converts Over 5% Raw

This new offer converts like crazy, see for yourself

Master Li's Future Child Sketch - New Unique Psychic Drawing Offer!

NEW Psychic Drawing Product! Viral Meme! Master Li Will Sketch Your Future Child In Vivid Detail. Crazy Conversion Rate. Male/Female, Love, Spirituality, Self-help, New Age. Optimized For Cold Traffic Via Email, Social & Paid. 75%-90% Commissions!

Wealth Brain Code -Hot New Offer From Renowned Hypnotist Aaron Surtees

Red Hot New Offer for Summer 2024 From World Renowned Hypnotist Aaron Surtees. Converts all types of traffic including bizopp, PD, new age, spiritual! Order bumps, high ticket upsells, rebills. Make up to $153 per customer with 75% commissions.

The Law Of Genesis - 75% Commission On Full Funnel

$100k+ month one. Money printer on MIXED traffic. Created by a 7-figure copywriter & monster media buyer. For more details:

Empath Lynn Soulmate Drawings

New Product! Crazy Popular & Viral On Snap, Tiktok, FB, Youtube. Incredible Conversion Rate. Thousands Of Happy Customers. Both Genders, Spirituality, Self-help, New Age, Law of Attraction, PD. Optimized For Email & SM Traffic. 75% Starting Commission!

Pineal Guard - Third Eye Activation Supplement for 2024

This $1.67 EPC offer is a brand-new supplement that not only helps to detoxify the pineal gland but to fully activate it! Our lists love this unique product as there is nothing like it in the market. Converts well with manifestation and chakra audiences!

Divine Invocation Code

75% commission funnel-wide. Max commission = $198 (just the first upsell is priced at $249)! AMAZING hook/angle. Just watch the first 60 secs of the VSL, you'll understand exactly why you need to promote it!

Billionaire Bioscience Code - Make 2024 Your Most Profitable Year

Unique Angle, Powerful Copy - KING VSL Already Hit Royal EPC's! Perfect for Native, Email, and Media Buyers, This Is your Ticket to the Most Profitable Year Yet. Get Your Promo Link Here:

Divine Dialogue – Want a high EPC, produced by a CB Diamond Vendor?

Created by a Diamond Vendor. 3 of Our offers are in Top 10 in CB. Who else knows conversions better? Powerful Upgrades for your Emails lists & Cold Traffic. Crazy Conversions on Facebook & YT

Wealth Rhythm - 2024 Wealth Manifestation Offer (High Conversion Rate)

This offer is consistently getting EPC of $1.31. You can potentially make $1,310 for every 1,000 clicks! The offer features Dr. Joe Vitale (star of the movie "The Secret"), so it has a celebrity effect. That's why it has been converting like crazy.

Urgent Money Miracle - $2+ EPC! Get Instant 90% Commission Bump

$2+ EPC on a sales letter.! Promote something new. Appeals To PD, spirituality, weight loss, hypnosis, Biz Opp and more. 90% Commission bump now available when you click the link below now:

New AstroTarot | $500,000 Launch Converts Insane EPC

Brand New astrology-tarot offer, fully personalized funnel from a-z delivers amazing EPC north of $2... loved by women, personal development & spirituality lists. Customized upsells, high $ recurring billing & killer email follow up making you more sales

Third Eye Code - Platinum Offer 2024

Cold Traffic Monster Spits Out Cash - Tested With $250,000 On Cold Media - Highly Converting Offer - 6 Upsells to Maximize Your Ad Spend. Extensively tested, proven to drive incredible results. Backed by rigorous performance data.

*New* Soulmate AND Twin Flame Angle Ready to CRUSH 2024 to the MOON!

We've paid out over $2,000,000 in affiliate commissions in this space, so jump on this new trending offer and watch your EPC's skyrocket to the moon! This sketch offer is like nothing you or your audience has ever seen, so profit now before its too late

Awaken XT - Brand New Pineal Gland Supplement

Written by an 8 figure copywriter, this unique supplement caters to an untapped niche. $250+ AOV and $4 EPCs, low refunds, plenty of affiliate tools and dedicated affiliate manager. Scale this offer on cold media and enjoy almost zero competition!

Money Mind Hack - Brand New Wealth Manifestation Offer!

Brand new crazy converting offer for winter 2023 from world renowned hypnotist Aaron Surtees. Converts all types of traffic including bizopp, PD, new age, spiritual! Order bumps, high ticket upsells, rebills. Make up to $419 per customer!

Manifesting Spiritual Sticks - Brand New LOA & Spirituality Offer Sept

A New, Physical PD Offer That Is Designed For Conversions. Appeals To General Pd, Manifestation And Spirituality Lists! Works Well On Email Lists & Cold Traffic. Make Up To $138.04 Per Sale.

Fortune Reading Crushes E P C

Live VSL converts like crazy, offer is designed for maximum RECURRING REBILLS. Extremely high conversion rates and EPC. Spirituality and Personal Development markets eat this up, women go crazy for it! See for yourself

My Birth Angel - Hot NEW Offer that sells like hotcakes

Brand NEW Personalized My Birth Angel Funnel that Converts Like CRAZY! Frontend Converts At More Than 2.0%. Paying 75% Across The Whole Funnel and Killer Email Follow-Up Making You More Sales. Send Some Test Traffic and watch your commission skyrocket!

G O D - F R E Q U E N C Y . . . New Pd & Manifestation Offer

Hottest new manifestation offer! Help people manifest God's Blessings by tuning in to the God Frequency binaural beats. Story-based sales letter appeals to both Christians and non-Christians alike. High EPC !

Tarot-Element Reading - Sep 2023 - Hot New Offer Insane Conversions!

Brand NEW Personalized Tarot-Element Reading Funnel that Converts Like CRAZY! Convert up to 2% on Frontend. Paying 75% Across The Whole Funnel, Killer Email Follow-Up Making You More Sales. Send Some Test Traffic and watch your commission skyrocket!

Aura Reading - Updated Offer for 2024 - Above $1 EPCs

This Personalized and Unusual Reading Will Capture Anyone's Attention Within A Span of A Few Minutes. Try it and see the INSANE results for yourself. Work exceptionally well in the Personal Development, Spirituality, MMO Niches, and more...

Prosperity Birth Code Reading - Wealth Manifestation

Wealth and Manifestation Offer, Converts Cold and Warm, Social Media Viral, Media Buyers Huge Roi, Makes You Money While You Sleep. Come and Check, Your Wallet Will Thank You

Wealth Manifest - #1 NEW Manifestation Offer

100% Brand New Manifestation Offer - Hottest Niche - Converts To ALL Traffic - High EPC's - Low Refunds - Trending on Tik Tok & Instagram - 75% Affiliate Commissions Across All Products & Upsells

Wealth Script - New For 2024 High EPCs

*NEW HOT* Manifestation offer for 2024, thats is achieving an AOV of up to $85 and EPCS of up to $3.10. The copy has been written by one of the best and it is a converting beast. Give it a try and be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Da Vinci Manifestation Code - NEW 2024 offer!

Brand new offer! Manifestation & Christianity versions of the VSL. 75% commissions through the whole funnel. 4 upsells.

Priestess Faith's Curse Removal, Dark Energy Healing & Aura Cleansing

New & Uniqe Curse Removal Product! Priestess Faith Will Perform A Distance Reiki Healing To Remove Curses & Dark Energy. Spirituality, Self-help, Pd, Magic, Spells, Psychic, Reiki. Optimized For Cold Traffic Via Email, Social & Paid. 75%-90% Commissions!

Midas Manifestation - INSANE New Angle Makes You Money

From the same people that brought you Manifestation Magic, comes this brand new EPC monster! Get $2 EPCs + rebills using this controversial new VSL. This offer is a dream for media buyers looking to scale in this niche!

WealthGenix – First of its kind: Wealth Manifestation in Physical

A Novel Offer that is designed by CB Diamond Vendor. A New offer that is meant to destroy the Manifestation world. High AOVs for PD lists and cold traffic. Money-making for you and your customers. You have to try it now

Halo Frequency - New Spiritual Offer That Converts!

High-converting spiritual offer by 2x Platinum Vendor. High conversions. Delicious EPC. Earn 75% comms across the ENTIRE funnel! Go HERE to start promoting now:


100% Personalized, FRESH Manifestation offer. Try Today! Social Media, Email, or cold outreach, you'll have your wallet stuffed. We look forward to partnering with you and see you start earning big!

Wealth Mind Switch - $2 epcs - Brand New And On Fire!

Red Hot New Offer From World Renowned Hypnotist Aaron Surtees. Converts all types of traffic including bizopp, PD, new age, spiritual! Order bumps, high ticket upsells, rebills. Make up to $153 per customer with 75% commissions.

Royal Wealth Hack

New Manifestation Offer For 2024, Huge Commissions, High AOV and Killer EPCs. Product put together by the best in the business. Grab your affiliate emails from HERE NOW:

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