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New Offer: Air Fountain! Turns Air Into Water and Traffic Into Cash!

Air Fountain - All New Offer and VSL banked $200K first month after launch! 10% Email conversion rates! Works on ANY list. Profitable on display! Solution to huge megadrought in the US and worldwide. For creatives go to

New Food Offer: Pocket Farm! 2023 Cash Camel. New VSL Killing It!!!

Top converting Survival Food offer from the creators of Air Fountain and Backyard Liberty. Solution to upcoming food shortage in the US and worldwide. Kills on 35+ male traffic. 100% upsell take rate, optimized on internal traffic, profitable on display!

Christian Prepper - 2023 Blockbuster Survival VSL for Christians

Fresh angle, largely unexplored niche, top production value VSL, made to resurrect Conservative and Survival cold traffic! Get affiliate tools and start juicing up your ROI here.

Home Doctor - BRAND NEW!

Compliant! 75% initial commissions (for physical books sales) Performs well in most niches: health, survival, remedies, etc 10% conversion rate on email lists Put it to test!

The Lost SuperFoods

NEW in 2022 for Affiliates! From the creators of The Lost Ways and The Lost Book of Remedies! This bestselling product, is now available (as of 2022) for you to promote it and make lots of sales fast. 90% commissions available on upsells.

Alive After the Fall 3

The Prophet sees PROFITS for you in 2023! You Deserve To Make MONEY. New & Optimized VSL Excites Every Conservative Or Prepper Prospect. Get This Running And Get PAID This Week For 75% Commission And Up To $105.5 Per Sale.

Gold and Silver Trump Save America Again Coin

Conservatives are fired up for the next election! Cash in on political emotions with over 5% conversion rate and YUUUGE commissions!

BlastProof New VSL Crushes It On Most Lists!

Take your promotions to the next level with Blast Proof. Get insane conversion rates of 6-18%, 75% commissions on front and backend items. This CLICKBANK NUMBER ONE offer from the makers of Pocket Farm and Air Fountain is back and better than ever.

The Lost Ways

This product is available to only a select number of affiliates. Please apply with your business email and tell us as many details about your lists.

Easy Cellar - Brand New

This product is available to only a select number of affiliates. Please apply with your business email and tell us as many details about your lists.

Water Freedom System - Huge New Offer For 2022!

Fresh VSL, Unexplored Evergreen Niche, Monster Converter, Ultra Optimized Upsell Funnel. Get Up To 90% Commissions On Front & Back End Sales! New Affiliate Area, Swipes & Tools! Crushes On Fb And Cold Traffic With Insane Epcs on Survival, Green and more.

Bulletproof Home Ridiculous Hook Puts Insane $ In Your Bank Account

Did $2.7M without affiliates. And now its on CB,you too can make insane profits. Unique hook / VSL created by 8 figure survival marketer. Top affiliates were crying with tears of joy when they promoted this. No joke.Go to

The Forager's Guide to Wild Foods

This product is available to only a select number of affiliates. Please apply with your business email and tell us as many details about your lists.


This is the only trump coin offer on ClickBank made here in the US. Incredible up-sells! $2 Trump Bills, Gold Plated $1000 Bills, Currency Bundles. 50% Commission on Entire Funnel!!


THE WORLD'S TOP SURVIVAL OFFER HAS NOW PARTNERED WITH CLICKBANK: Converts EXTREMELY well to CONSERVATIVE, CHRISTIAN, and SURVIVAL audiences. Media Buyers & TOP AFFs Earning 5 to 6 Figure Profits Daily with Native, YT, FB, Email, Display & PPC.

The Doctor's Book of Survival Home Remedies

With a new funnel, VSL and eye-catching design, this book performs exceptionally well in the health, survival, and remedies niches. We're offering a 75% commission to affiliates who want to put it to the test, Give it a try today!

Survival MD

Survival MD - Brand New Funnel. High-converting landing page, and a product that sells itself. Don't miss out on this opportunity to earn big with us. Performs great on survival and health niches.

FREE EverStryke Waterproof Match - Survival Life

Give away our REAL Waterproof Fire Starter and get paid an average of $5 for every one you give away. First REAL physical product on CB and it's on FIRE. Cold traffic converts at 11+% dedicated emails fetch over 20. Aff rsrcs-

EMP Cloth

Material / fabric that protects electronics, generators, cars from Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP's), works better than a Faraday cage.

Lost Frontier Handbook

NEW! - The Lost Frontier Handbook Compliant! 75% initial commissions (for physical books sales). Performs well in most niches: health, survival, remedies, etc. SKY HIGH conversion rate on email lists. You need to test this!

Survival Upgrades

From the creators of the Lost Book of Remedies... HOT survival DIY offer for people stuck inside their homes who want to prepare. Insane conversion rates! Works great on DIY, Survival, Green products and self-help lists.

The Lost Ways 2

From the creator of the best seller The Lost Ways. The sequel converts even better than the first one. An incredible $2.8 EPC (affiliate part). Click the affiliate tools below and get started:

Free USA Flag

Give away this USA flag and earn 50% commission on the shipping plus 25% on every upsell

New Meat Preserving and Curing Guide! Off The Chart Conversion Rates!

Thick PDF Guide On Curing, Smoking and Preserving Meat, Pitched Through A Survival&Health Angled VSL. Conversion Rates Between 3% And 10%. Works On Survival, Energy, Health, Home&Garden & Many More! Aff Tools:

Hidden survival food farm for preppers - works like gangbusters!

Dan Sullivan is here with another amazing offer: a hidden survival permaculture course for preppers, a.k.a. a food forest. Works on right wing, prepper, guns, homesteading and outdoors list and cold traffic. Top affiliate getting a 5.3% initial CR.

Last Man Standing

Irresistable hook takes the survival market by storm. Promote a value product your list will finally thank you for.

Top 28 State Gun Laws Free + Ship, High CR, 50% or $10CPA

Best Converting Offer for Gun Owners! Tested, Optimized Funnel- Up to 50% or $10CPA, Great Swipe, Run This Physical Product To Gun Owners, Conservative, Survival & Generally Paranoid People Traffic. Let the $$$ Flow! Affiliate Tools Below- swipe/banners

Trump 2024 Take America Back Re-Election Flag

Brand NEW 2024 Trump High Converting Product Funnel With Terrific Ave Order Size = Huge Commissions! Promote This Physical Product To Conservative, Trump & Survival Traffic And See Your Commissions Stack Up! Contact Us For Extra

The Backyard Miracle Farm - This Offer Will Drop Like A BOMB

This Hidden Gem Is Rapidly Becoming The #1 Sought-After Survival Offer. Crushes On Fb, Youtube And Cold Traffic With Insane EPCs on Survival, Green, Home, Garden and more. Top Affiliates Are Making Thousands Daily! Just Try!

Food for Freedom - the ultimate survival food offer is here!

Put this beast to work for you on lists or cold traffic and just watch the dollars pile up. Crazy ROIs, Insane EPCs.Break the survival market using this High powered VSL

Final Survival Plan - Epic Conversions!

Hot New Niche!great Vsl, High Conversions.this Will Be The New Hit. It Works On Survival, Energy/solar,Green And More. Commission Bump For Super Affils. 6% - 11% Conversions Are *normal*. Promote Now If You Like Cash!

Infected Book Conversion Monster Is Here!

This new book is right at the intersection of survival, health and politics - so it crushes to all three kinds of lists! Huge conversions and great upsell boosters make this a no-brainer for your boomer list.

Takeover USA - EPC OVER $3

Crazy EPC OVER $3! No B.S. Highest EPC offer of its kind! Bump offer, 3 x upsell, recurring billing + back end sales = Big commissions for affiliates. AFF:

Water Liberty Guide - Best Survival Offer For 2022!

HOT NEW NICHE! Insane EPCs, Killer VSL, Ultra Optimised Upsell Funnel, Low Refund Rates. Get Up To 90% Commissions On Front & Back End Sales NOW! Crushes On Facebook, Youtube And Cold Traffic. Works Like a Charm for Email in DIY, Survival, Green And More.

Trump Bucks - Commemorative Faux Gold Trump Bills

High Converting Funnel = Huge Commissions! Promote This Physical Product To Conservative, Gun Owners & Survival Traffic And See Our Offer Convert Like Crazy! Many Other Similar Products Available. Check Out Affiliate Page!

We are the #1 Tactical Pen in America!

Giveaway the #1 tactical self-defense pen in America & earn huge commissions. Promote us and see for yourself how awesome the conversions are! See more products + get banners/emails here:

The EMP Survival Offer You've been waiting for

Hot new VSL from Survival Sullivan hits the sweetspot with emp survival. Videos included in the product. Get your creative here:

The Patriot Privacy Kit: #1 Best Selling Survival Privacy Product!

If you have a survival, political, self-reliance, or DIY list they will LOVE the Patriot Privacy Kit. This kit will help your customers lock down their privacy AND earn you $1.50EPCs + lifetime cont. commissions.

Free Trump Red MAGA Hats

Trump MAGA Hats are as Popular as Ever with Conservatives, Gun Owners & Survival Traffic. Earn Up to 75% Commissions Promoting this Deep Funnel that Generates Great EPCs. Let us know if you need custom swipes or tools.

Free Self-Defense Tactical Pen - HIGH CONVERSION RATES

Because Everyone In The World Eventually Needs A Pen, The Market Will Never Become Saturated! Total Sold: Over 200,000 Frontend: Free + Sh With A 10% Conversion Rate Upsell: Recurring With A 40%+ Conversion Rate Retention Rate: 70% EPC: $2.00

The Essential Skills of Wilderness Survival book

Wilderness survival book by Jason Knight. There is both a physical paperback version and ebook version available.

FREE Waterproof Lighter Converts 13.66 Percent - Survival Life

Give Away A FREE Waterproof Fire Starter And Get Paid An Ave Of $5 For Every Order. Dedicated Emails Average 13.66 Percent FE with Sky High 28.78 Percent Upsell Take Rate. Over $30 In Commissions Available Through The Funnel To GIVE AWAY a FREE Product.


High Converting DIY Purifying Air Product! This Is The Winning Offer You Were Looking For With Huge Epc! Works on ANY list.. Great Results On Native/facebook Traffic! Contact Us For Paybump at

FREE Trump 2024 'The Revenge Tour' Gold Coin

Highly Optimized Free Plus Shipping Funnel, Huge Commissions, Run This Physical Product Offer To Conservative, Gun Owners & Survival Traffic And You'll Love the Results! Many Other Similar Products Available. Check Out Affiliate Page and Get Promo Tools!

FREE Credit Card Knife Offer Converts 13.3 Percent - Survival Life

Give away the World's COOLEST Knife FREE and make killer money doing so. This is a REAL knife and it converts like mad... 13.3% to cold traffic like banner traffic while dedicated emails have produced conversions as high as 28.9% -

Homesteading for preppers by Dan F. Sullivan

Dan Sullivan here with another top seller. Mix prepping and homesteading and you get EPC Dynamite. Exclusive for affiliates. Get your creative:

Free Survival Saw: HIGH CONVERSIONS For Survival & Outdoors Traffic

Perfect for all survival & outdoor traffic and all genders. Total Sold: Over 150,000 Frontend: Free + Sh With A 10% Conversion Rate Upsell: Recurring With A 40%+ Conversion Rate Retention Rate: 70% EPC: $2.00

Trump Presidential Collectible Pocket Watch

High Converting Trump Product Funnel with Terrific Ave Order Size = Huge Commissions! Promote This Physical Product To Conservative, Trump & Survival Traffic And See Your Commissions Stack Up! Contact Us for Extra Affiliate Resources.

The Underground Farm

The Underground Farm is an e-book showing you different methods that will help you to be able to grow healthy food in basically any environment without worrying about soil availability and quality, water accessibility, or environmental temperatures.

Survival System - 39% INCREASE In Conversions, Converts COLD Traffic!

Check out the New Video, 39% Higher Conversions! Breakthrough Drill Sergent VSL CONVERTS warm and COLD TRAFFIC. Amazing products keep refunds low. 70%+ upsell rate.75% Commissions Across The Board.

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