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February - Mega hit Miracle Money Magnets with Croix Sather

Just launched! Already seeing huge EPCs w High conversions, low refunds. This offer is crushing it in the Biz Op/PD/Spirituality space. Just mail and watch a tsunami of commissions come flowing in. JV Tools Page down below!

369 Manifestation Code

HYPNOVSL Converts Like Crazy! High Value And Intake Rate for 2 Upsells, 2 Downsells,2 Bumps. Just Come And See With Your Own Eyes! You Will Thank Me Later! Great For Cold Traffic, Media Buyers and Social!

Ancient Secret of Kings

Big Commissions! We pay 70% on the frontend and across all 3 upsells. Frontend is converting at almost 3% now. Related: Wealth Attraction, Law Of Attraction, Manifestation, P D / Self-help, Mind Power

New Mega Hit The Abundance Accelerator. Huge Epcs!!!

The Abundance Accelerator is a brand new manifestation offer that is crushing it in the Spirituality/PD space. Transformational coach Allanah Hunt has created a new product your list is going to love. Full JV Tools Page Below..

Mindzoom Affirmations Subliminal Software. #1 converting software.

Mindzoom is an All Time Best selling self improvement software. Unique product in an Untapped Market that converts like crazy. Drive traffic and it sells itself. Wake The Genius In You, Improve Your Mind And Body, Effortlessly Using Your Pc.

Manifestation Miracle - Epic Conversions!

HUGE conversions in the PD space. 75% Commissions On Front End, 75% On Backend + 35% on recurring subscription!! High stick rate means ongoing commissions! CPA Option available too.

The Amazing You 2020 - Newly Revamped - Apr 2020

Brand new authentic PD offer co-created with Harvard psychologist Marion. 75% comms for front-end & upsells, PLUS 20% on recurring comms! Most relevant offer in this crucial period as ppl are looking for transformation & change. Give it a test mail today!

Wealth Activator Code - Up To $156.54 In Commissions Per Sale!

Exciting PD offer with a unique hook on helping people unlock their "wealth instincts" to attract abundant wealth into their lives! Give it a test mail and watch the commissions gush in! Suitable For Personal Development, Wealth, Manifestation, L O A

Just Updated Seeing Over $2 EPC's On Cold Traffic!!

This offer is converting better then any other PD/Spiritual Offer on Clickbank! Instant Manifestation Secrets is like no other program out there. Author, motivational speaker Croix Sather has put a program together that your audience will love!!

Joe Vitale's Law of Attraction Certification

Promote this Brand New World Class Law Of Attraction Practitioner Certification and Enjoy Ultra High Conversions. This Cash Cow is currently Dominating An Untapped Market.

The 3 Word Formula

Highly converting offer from self-help guru Robert Zink. This offer caters to the Law Of Attraction crowd, as well as other self help niches.

Videos Subliminales, Audios Isocronicos, Audios Binaurales, Metas

Videos Subliminales, Audios Isocronicos, Audios Subliminales, Binaurales, Software Subliminal, Libros sobre Exito, Riqueza, Ley de Atraccion, Metas, Afirmaciones. Mas de 50 productos. Imagenes, Articulos y mas recursos.

Goal Setting Software for High Achievers

GoalsOnTrack is a web-based system that allows you to set and track goals and subgoals, manage tasks, build habits, keep goal journal, visualize your goals with vision board, and keep your goals organized and motivate you to make progress daily.

ZOX Pro Brain Power Training, Accelerated Photographic Memory Learning

Fresh new twist on a proven seller. Explosive copy with breakthrough hook for the memory, brain improvement, and personal growth space. Professional Edge for business success. Send traffic = make $$$. E-mail: [email protected] for customized swipes

Isochiral (Chakra ,Psychic, LOA) - Multiple New Upsells & 90% Comms

Up to 90% Comms EPC $1.20. Very Low Refunds Over 100 Personal Development, Self Help & Spiritual Products: Brainwave Entrainment ,Chakra, Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Subliminal, Hypnosis, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Solfeggio:

The Secret Mirror by Joe Vitale

New high converting, proven Law of Attraction Offer created by Dr. Joe Vitale and published by Greater Minds. Quality product with huge value appeals to all personal growth sub-niches. Multiple Landers, Quiz, VSL options, Etc

Project Archetypes /w Hyper-Personalization Conversion Hack

75-90% comms. $100 cash bonus for making 3 sales. By 7-time Clickbank platinum vendor. This new "hack" guarantees more sales. Give us an honest try today!

Mind Reality - Secrets of The Universe

The Single Best Product in the World of Mind Power, Law of Attraction and Manifestation! Learn how to Create a life of Extreme Abundance and Fulfillment Now! It is the #1 Place that Integrates All Secrets of Life. Mind Reality is the Best Selling Product!

Maxi Mindset Software Tool- 75% commission and recurring

Maxi mindset software tool is built to help people transform their lives whether it be from depression, anxiety, dating, financial freedom, lower stress, confidence, fitness, and much more. As an affiliate, you can earn high recurring commissions.


Finally we have the elusive remedy for your self-limiting thoughts and behaviours. Discover your infinite potential with the most advanced personal and mind development tool in existence.

Membresia mensual Escuela Superior de PNL

Conviértete en "Facilitador de procesos de cambio con PNL" y gana entre 50 - 100 Dólares por sesión de trabajo. Además puedes ganar dinero desde el primer módulo, y así hacer autofinanciable tu matrícula. Recomiéndanos a tus amigos y gana más.

Money Beyond Belief by Dr. Joe Vitale and Brad Yates

Money Beyond Belief - the title alone says it (and sells it!). Big name Law of Attraction appeal (Dr. Joe Vitale of "The Secret") and fantastic material means high conversion rate. Very well received program "Sells like crazy" say happy affiliates.

Life Optimization Coaching Certification Program

World renowned life coach, Dr. Joe Rubino teaches the same life-changing principles he uses in his own practice. $97 initial sale with $97 upsell equals high commissions and satisfied customers. Earn high commissions and change lives!

Abundant Mind : Visualization Videos For The Law Of Attraction

ALL NEW SALE FUNNEL FOR 2017! Awesome personal development offer. Almost 50 products to choose from. Great EPC's for targeted law of attraction and subliminals traffic. Affiliates get your tools here: https:/

Audio Mind Control

Brainwave Entrainment. Make 75% on front end & 75% on two $27 upsells. Affiliate page :== Other Warren Banks products 5 Minute Learning Machine & Mind Power Miracles

Beyond the Fundamentals

Kathe Perez did it again! This MP3 audio program provides advanced transgender voice feminization techniques and is a follow up to her best selling voice feminization program, Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice. 50% commission.

The Solo Ad Lifestyle Course

PROVEN and Time-Tested Tools and Strategies that you can use immediately to achieve anything that you want out of life!

How to get the Law of Attraction to work - Even if 'The Secret' didn't

So many people that watched 'The Secret' are still not enjoying the success they desire from the Law of Attraction. This unique guide and software package reveals why. The most important guide to Cosmic Ordering and the LOA you'll ever read...

Mindfulness Meditation Books by Alfred James

Bestselling mindfulness books by leading mindfulness author Alfred James. If you have a meditation blog, spiritual/consciousness related site or a self-development mailing list this is regular, easy money. Books sell themselves. Zero refunds.

Unique Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp Course: Top Seller With Upsells

Unique and high converting lucid dreaming bootcamp course teaching people how to control their dreams through lucid dreaming. Recently raised your commission to 75%. 4 Upsells, potential order value of $345+, email us for joint ventures and timed promos.

Remez Sasson Books

Most practical 10 eBooks that will improve your life. Discover how to use the law of attraction and affirmations, develop willpower, self-discipline and positive thinking, attract love, improve your focus and concentration and gain inner peace.

Magic in Your Mind 30% Comms!

6-week coaching program with Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher and Mary Morrissey. 30% Commissions!!!

Chakra Activation System by Stephanie & Alvin - Feb 2016 Contest!

Unique manifestation hook based off Chakra by personal development coach Stephanie. Proven funnel by SuccessVantage. Top copywriter with multiple top 10 clickbank hits. Bonus cash given out in feb. Aff details here

Six Minutes to Success 50% Comms!

Daily video lesson from Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. Ongoing subscription with no end date! 50% commissions!

I Can. Therefore I Will

I Can. Therefore, I Will shows its readers how to conquer their fears and begin turning their dreams into reality simply by unleashing the hidden powers of their mind. Aimed at the self improvement market, this product pays 50 percent commission.

Go Big VIP Coaching Program with Kristen Howe the Go Big Coach

50% Commissions - VIP Coaching Program Combines Step By Step Applications PLUS Personal Accountability To Help You Live an Extraordinary Life! Check out this program and many more - affiliates go to:

The Conversational Hypnosis Code

Covertly & effectively control the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of others using a unique form of secrets that some say should be banned from the public altogether.

The Amazing You by Marion

Harvard Psychologist Marion helps people re-create a brand new amazing version of themselves. Proven converting funnel with sales copy by Kevin Rogers. Crazy EPCs.

Vibrational Manifestation - Send Email for this = Make money

Interesting NEW hook. #1 Manifestation program available for you to promote now. Earn 60% commissions across the frontend and 3 upsells. Proven Funnel by Alvin & SuccessVantage. Don't wait. Send email and be HAPPY.

High Converting offer from Joe Vitale!

Earn high EPCs and HIGH commissions from a proven Joe Vitale product just being moved to clickbank. Proven copy. Proven commissions.

FREE 7-Day Releasing & Letting Go Mindcamp.

Quality 7 days life changing content. Promoting Releasing & Letting Go Hypnosis Collection, plus upsells and down sells. By Master Hypnotist John Vincent. Interests: Hypnosis, NLP, Success, Law Of Attraction, Mind Power, Abundance.

The Freedom To Succeed.

Tools For Overcoming Personal Limits To Success.

Amazing Personal Development Products

See Aff Tools For Correct Hoplinks.The full spectrum of personal development, confidence, meditation and addiction products in our "product hub" We are updating our affiliate tools page so check back regularly. Promote to gifts or direct to sales pages.

MindMaster: Powerful Sales Page With Convincing Testimonials

Make Money With MindMaster! Great sales page & good conversions. Unique software is an easy sell to the Self Help and other popular niches. 56% commission. Visit: and learn how you can profit from MindMaster!

Sculptations: The Subconscious Success System Tuning IN Audio Tool

Revolutionary MindSculpting TUNING IN Experience. $50 per sale/50% comm. Upsells. For: PD, Weight Loss, Relationship, Deep Sleep, Confidence, Success, Habits & Mindset lists. People love it. sculptations

Essentials for Starting a Women's Group

Always wanted to be part of a Women's Group but didn't know where to begin? With this Step-by-Step guide of HOW TO START, BUILD AND RUN your own Women's Group, you'll learn all the secrets to being successful. FREE companion book of fabulous Topic Ideas.

Think Happy Now

Created by World Renowned Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones, Think Happy Now is Designed to Help You Create Happiness In Your Life. This is an Audio Program Consisting of 4 Modules and a Self Hypnosis Session.

Genius Brain Power MP3 Audio Package

A powerful, comprehensive brainwave entrainment system that will make you smarter, relieve stress, help you achieve incredibly deep meditative states, and tap into your brain's unlimited potential.

Graduate To Six Figures

This is a step-by-step 7 module video course on how I used my college degree to start a six-figure business. Discover how to pick a niche, attract clients that pay, stay, refer and how to sell your product or service easily online and offline.

Personal Freedom: A Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams

This no-nonsense guide to personal freedom walks you through every stage of successful lifestyle design, from goal setting and housecleaning your life to how to create your personal philosophy. There's no fluff or New Age nonsense - only stuff that works.

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