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  1. 4 Offers: Fat Burning Kitchen, 101 Anti-Aging Foods, TruthAboutAbs etc..
    Don't be fooled by low payout listing. We have insane conversions AND higher priced upsells. 90% comms avail! Only 1.8% refund rate. For high converting landing pages + secrets to do 500+ sales/day go to
  2. The Lost SuperFoods..
    NEW in 2022 for Affiliates! From the creators of The Lost Ways and The Lost Book of Remedies! This bestselling product, is now available (as of 2022) for you to promote it and make lots of sales fast. 90% commissions available on upsells.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar Ebook Membership..
    Super high converting eBook and Membership site! This superfood fills tons of niches, health, weight loss, skin care, cholesterol, acid reflux, digestion and more. 75% commission for life! Banners + Email:
  4. Final Fat Meltdown - 30 Days to Weightloss..
    Discover how to burn fat while eating foods you love using home workouts, for sexy buns, a tight core and lean legs, in less than 90 minutes a week!
  5. The Forager's Guide to Wild Foods..
    This product is available to only a select number of affiliates. Please apply with your business email and tell us as many details about your lists.
  6. Bio Protect Plus - First & Only Vet-Formulated Dog Supplement..
    Launched in January 2024. Tested and proven to be profitable on media. For details go here:
  7. Top Dog Food Product! Now with higher conversions!..
    Offer is a 4 part eBook for Dogs. (We also have a Cat version!) Converts on Cold and Warm Traffic. Does great with health, fitness, diet, financial, survival, biz op and personal development lists.
  8. New Food Offer: Pocket Farm! 2023 Cash Camel. New VSL Killing It!!!..
    Top converting Survival Food offer from the creators of Air Fountain and Backyard Liberty. Solution to upcoming food shortage in the US and worldwide. Kills on 35+ male traffic. 100% upsell take rate, optimized on internal traffic, profitable on display!
  9. Dog Food Secrets...
    2018 : New VSL increased front end conversions by 25%. New upsell strategy has increased upsell uptake by 80%. New trial offer exitpop increased conversions of front end product by another 15%. Dozens alternative landing pages/emails added aff area
  10. Hidden survival food farm for preppers - works like gangbusters!..
    Dan Sullivan is here with another amazing offer: a hidden survival permaculture course for preppers, a.k.a. a food forest. Works on right wing, prepper, guns, homesteading and outdoors list and cold traffic. Top affiliate getting a 5.3% initial CR.
  11. Hottest Market Trend: Food Stockpiling..
    95% of preppers want to bug in so they need to stockpile. I'm jumping up and down because my top aff. has $1.58 EPC and a 5% front-end CR. Works on survival, right wing, guns, hunting, fishing and outdoors lists! Affiliate tools:
  12. Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Online Course..
    50% commission. Course teaches the core skills of wilderness survival - shelter, water, fire, & food. Alderleaf is one of the leading wilderness schools in the United States.
  13. The Sirtfood Diet - Custom Quiz - Adele's Favorite Diet Plan..
    The Sirtfood Diet has become a sensation among Hollywood's A-list celebrities like Adele, Conor Mcgregor, and Rebel Wilson helping them lose weight and look great! Try our custom quiz funnel today!
  14. Fermentation Method - Make $$ In This Hot New Market!..
    FM teaches mom's how to create fermented foods & drinks (sourdough/kombucha) and teaches them how to make $$ as a side hustle. Mom's/preppers/fat loss all buy this product! Core product + Upsell (always split testing offer!) Contact affiliate manager
  15. Conscious Eating: The Key to Weight Loss..
    Weight Loss Market is BEGGING for this fresh offer! Better than supplements, diets & exercises programs - changing beliefs about food & eating is The Key to Weight Loss. Converts Email & Social Media!
  16. 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Macro-Patterning Nutrition & Exercise System..
    New Carb Cycling Article Lander Doubles Old Conversion Rate With Unique Food Macro-Patterning Hook. 3 High Converting Upsells Proven And Tested By Super Affiliates. Super Low Refund Rates.
  17. Personal Keto Meal Plan (Done-for-you Service)..
    We do all the hard work for the readers. This means we calculate the macros, take into account their activity level, lifestyle habits and food preferences to generate 100% Keto Meal Plan. (Our vegetarian meal plans are still WIP). Give us an HONEST TRY.
  18. The Pajama Diet..
    The Pajama Diet from Hypnotherapist is designed to help you lose weight in the comfort of your own home without constantly having to think about food management and exercise.
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