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  1. Horizon Bien-être -- 7 Offres Differentes !!..
    From US site High quality natural health offers. Great for all demographics, Excellent content on our tools page. 90% comms available for high traffic affs. New product releases regularly.
  2. LeanBliss: $4 EPC On Unique Natural Ozempic Alternative..
    Natural “Ozempic” Formula To Lose Weight & Stabilize Blood Sugar, Powerful Pitch, Multiple Intros Available, 100% Backed By Science. Top Affs Are Scoring Up To $4 EPC. Limited Slots Only. Contact Us To Get Whitelisted.
  3. An Old Favorite Updated Presence Power & Profit..
    Pd offer with unique hook and a topic that is a great converter to alternative beliefs and personal development audiences. Also, Wealth, LOA, Success, influence and more. 75% front end and 75% upsell commissions, Great EPCs and quality program.
  4. Bow Legs No More - Hot For Year 2020!..
    12.8% Conversion ~ Very Hot Niche Because this 100% Original Product is an Alternative to Surgery ~ Bow Legs Sufferers Love It ~ Lot Of Easy Money to Be Made by giving Them an Easy Solution
  5. Dog Food Secrets...
    2018 : New VSL increased front end conversions by 25%. New upsell strategy has increased upsell uptake by 80%. New trial offer exitpop increased conversions of front end product by another 15%. Dozens alternative landing pages/emails added aff area
  6. How to cultivate self-discipline in five easy steps..
    The Art of Self-Discipline Destroy procrastination for good using alternative tools and techniques they don’t want you to know about
  7. Pearly Penile Papules Removal - Brand New Market ~ HOT..
    Pearly Penile Papules Removal is a Brand New Product in the Men's Health Market ~ Very Hungry niche Because the Only Alternative is Surgery ~ Over 60% of Males Suffer From This Condition
  8. Mind Sync..
    Psychic, astral, chakra, occult, manifestation, telepathy, stress, sleep, meditation, chi,past life, solfeggio, pain, hypnosis, subliminal, depression, endorphin, lucid, weight, smoking, binaural, and More. Tools:
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