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  1. High Cholesterol..
    There is ONE ingredient that causes bad high cholesterol, stroke and heart attack. Tell people how to protect their heart by cutting out this ONE ingredient. Part of
  2. Pelvic Floor Strong..
    HOTTEST Women's Health Offer | Pelvic Floor & Core Program | Massive Payouts of 90% on all front end products & upsells | CVR: Up to 4-7% | EPC: $1.80 - $3 | LOW refunds | Sales funnels and swipes are constantly being optimized and proven to convert!!!
  3. The Smoothie Diet: 21 Day Rapid Weight Loss Program..
    Earn Over $100 Per Sale! High Converting Core Offer With Low Refund Rate Plus 3 Upsells Including a $50 Order Bump. Easy Sell To Women In The Health/Wellness And Weight Loss Market.
  4. Wellness Bakeries..
    Keto and Paleo-Friendly Baking Mixes perfect for your health-conscious reader list!
  5. Click Wealth System - 2023 Biz Opp Offer - $1.95EPC For Cold Traffic..
    Top Converting Offer that converts Personal Development, IM, MMO, Health traffic like nuts. Make Up To $250/Sale. $9 Trip wire front end for massive commissions. Offer created by a platinum 7-figure affiliate. Test 300-500 clicks and be surprised!
  6. Harmoni - Stress Relief Jewelry, Scientifically Proven Health Benefits..
    A unique, top affiliate offer that is finally on Clickbank! 9 doctors and multiple studies recommend these *EMF blocking pendants* for stress, sleep, and energy! Impressive AOV + commission + designed by a celebrity jeweler!
  7. Prostadine - New Monster In The Prostate Health Niche..
    Killer Conversions & EPCs With One Unique Prostate Dropper. This Could Mark Your Best Month Ever On Native/Email/Fb/Yt. Great Upsells, Low Refunds & Creatives That Convert Like Crazy. Fill Out The Form On Our Affiliate Page And Get On Board!
  8. UltraK9 Pro - #1 Primal Nutrients For Pet Health..
    Brand New Unique Primal Nutrients Formula Sells Like Crazy! More Than 3% CVR. Unique Story Angle, 100% Backed By Science. Get Started Early And Don’t Miss Out! Get Your Affiliate Tools Below!
  9. NEUROZOOM - The Golden Brain Health Offer..
    New Memory Product Ready To Be Scaled! Successfully Tested On All Traffic Sources. Apply & Claim Your Aff Bonus Now!
  10. High Blood Pressure - Blue Heron Health News..
    High blood pressure is the number cause of death in the world.You must tell them how to lower blood pressure TODAY using these 3 easy exercises. Part of
  11. Keto Breads & Keto Desserts: Top Converting Health Offers!..
    Keto Market is on Fire! Top-selling offer capitalizes on what people miss most on Keto - BREAD! Sales page converts like a monster - PLUS 3 high-value upsells send order values through the roof! See affiliate page for hop links to
  12. Forward Head Posture FIX..
    Forward Head Posture Fix is 10 simple exercises that will instantly restore balance and improve your posture making you physically stronger, mentally sharper, and help you to achieve peak performance and overall better health.
  13. Red Boost - Male Health Supplement..
    Killer conversions and EPCs for this new Male Health Supplement Offer. 80% commissions available. Great upsells, low refunds and creatives that hit the spot. Get your links:
  14. Alzheimer's Dementia Brain Health..
    These are some of the scariest health conditions there are. Fortunately, we have a solution. And now, you can offer this solution and get a hefty commission. Optimized sales funnel with $99 upsell. Part of
  15. Manifest With Aaron..
    Brand New Offer for 2021 from World Renowned Hypnotist Aaron Surtees. Converts All Types Of Traffic - Pd, Bizopp, New Age, Spiritual, Health - Give It A Go And See! Order Bumps, High Ticket Upsells, Rebills - Make Up To $153 Per Customer!
  16. Meditation - "InnaPeace Meditation Program" HIGH AVG COMMISSIONS..
    Make 50% of monthly membership fees of the InnaPeace Meditation program. High conversion marketing materials. Easy to recommend demonstration. Soon to be the top health/wellness product on Clickbank. Make big commissions helping people overcome stress
  17. Natural Insomnia Program - Blue Heron Health News..
    This one of a kind insomnia program sells like crazy. The sales letter has been carefully split tested to convert as well as possible. Great information and low refund rate boosts Your credibility. Part of network.
  18. Purality Health Micelle Liposomal Magnesium..
    Promote the hottest NEW sleep offer with EPCs of $1.10-$3.00 and rev share as high as 70% (with commission bump approval). Sign Up Here:
  19. Anxiety Disorder - Blue Heron Health News..
    Millions of people are suffering anxiety these days. Tell them about this simple method to overthrow anxiety as soon as today. Part of
  20. 500 Keto Recipes Ebook..
    Over 500 Delicious Healthy Keto Recipes. From Snacks and Appetizers, to Main Dishes, to Drinks and Desserts. Great recipes for Losing Weight, Improving Your Health, and Staying in the Ketogenic Zone.
  21. Medicinal Garden Kit - BRAND NEW!..
    - Compliant! - 62.20% commission for initial sales, 75% commission on digital upsells, and 74.10% commission on the physical upsell - Performs well in most niches: health, survival, remedies, etc. Put it to test!
  22. Alpha Tonic..
    Powerful male health, ED and testosterone offer. Fully optimized VSL vacuums up commissions for you and men love the amazing product. Limited spots available. Get approved:
  23. Old School New Body - highest converting written page on CB market..
    The highest converting written page on entire CB marketplace. Top affiliate avgs 400+ sales per day. Higher conversion rate than any VSL in the health category. Doesn't wear out email lists. Email us at [email protected] for fresh email creatives
  24. Apple Cider Vinegar Ebook Membership..
    Super high converting eBook and Membership site! This superfood fills tons of niches, health, weight loss, skin care, cholesterol, acid reflux, digestion and more. 75% commission for life! Banners + Email:
  25. DivineLocks- New High Converting Hair Offer..
    The copywriter who brought BioHarmony to the market is back again with another CONVERSION BEAST. Guaranteed high commissions. Send this offer to your list today if you enjoy big paychecks and helping people live healthier lives.
  26. Home Doctor - BRAND NEW!..
    Compliant! 75% initial commissions (for physical books sales) Performs well in most niches: health, survival, remedies, etc 10% conversion rate on email lists Put it to test!
  27. 30 Day Quit Sugar Challenge..
    High converting offer. Your life, your weight and your health. Highly successful 30 day Online detox and learning, yes it actually works!
  28. ErecPrime - Male Health, ED, Testosterone..
    New winner for male health and performance. From the team that brought you multiple top 10 winners before. High Commissions. Low Refunds! Contact [email protected]
  29. Qigong for happiness, health and vitality..
    Earn up to $100 per person who takes a $4.95 2 week trial. I've just spent $950 to have the salescopy critiqued by a professional copywriter. You can be confident that this page converts. Check it out for yourself.
  30. The Dessert Angel - Healthy Desserts Cookbook..
    Lose weight eating dessert? Yep, it's true. All fitness and nutrition audiences LOVE this cookbook. EPCs over $3.00 prove it. Get the scoop at
  31. NEW Unlock Your Hip Flexors VSL with Therapy Tool..
  32. Dimension Diet..
    Our diet books are designed to help you make lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle, so you can achieve optimal health and wellness for the long term. The Dimension Diet books are designed to be tailored to your unique needs and goals.
  33. Horizon Bien-être -- 7 Offres Differentes !!..
    From US site High quality natural health offers. Great for all demographics, Excellent content on our tools page. 90% comms available for high traffic affs. New product releases regularly.
  34. Gout Solution - Blue Heron Health News..
    Killer copy VSL converts like cold bear in July. Optimized, tested, optimized ... and then tested again. That's how we get maximum conversion. Unique niche with minimal competition. Brought To You By The Conversion Kings And
  35. Unlock Your Glutes - Conversion Monster!..
    For men & women looking to develop a rounder, stronger butt. Unlock the sleeping giant within for greater shape, power, strength and long term health.
  36. New VSL! Portable Solar Energy System! Off the Chart Conversion Rates!..
    Full PDF and Video Guide On Building a Compact Solar Panel System With a Survival Pitched VSL. Conversion Rates Between 5% and 15%. Works On Survival, Energy, Health, Home & Garden & Many More! Affiliate Tools:
  37. Diabetes Freedom - 100% Commissions Available..
    Fresh new VSL. 22% Conversion Boost! Awesome for any type of health or conservative lists. Contact us for immediate 90% comms. 100+ sales a month gets 100% comms!
  38. EndoPeak - Male Health, ED, Testosterone..
    New winner for male health and performance. From the team that brought you multiple top 10 winners before. High Commissions. Low Refunds! Contact [email protected]
  39. Treat Type 2 Diabetes Naturally - Blue Heron Health News..
    This one of a kind Diabetes guide sells like crazy. The sales letter has been carefully split tested to convert as well as possible. Great information and low refund rate boosts Your credibility. Part of network.
  40. Totally Bangin Tan by Turbo Babe..
    The only Anti-Aging Sunless Tanning offer on Clickbank Send to your health and Beauty lists for easy conversions. CPA available- send us a message @ [email protected] commission bumps available for large volume affiliates.
  41. Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic..
    Awesome new tonic supplement for weight loss. Storming conversion rates from any kind of weight loss or other health demos. Run it and vacuum up sales from your lists. Over $5 EPC recorded on one famous fat loss list. Top commissions for volume traffic.
  42. 250 Vegan Recipes Ebook..
    Unlock a world of plant-powered culinary delight with our exclusive collection of 250 mouthwatering vegan recipes. Elevate your health and savor every bite with easy-to-follow dishes. Embrace the vibrant flavors of a cruelty-free lifestyle today!
  43. Evolve To Find Love 21 Day Challenge..
    Masterclass VSL by master hypnotherapist explains how to find dream partner and sustain a health relationship. Content drops after program introduced.
  44. Metaceptine - Blood Sugar Formula..
    Brand new blood sugar money maker. Works really well on weight loss and health demographic. Get your affiliate link here
  45. Lose Weight - 6 Week Body Makeover..
    Creative Cooking & Recipes For Use With The 6 Week Body Makeover. Now Lose Weight Faster & Healthier Than Ever Before!
  46. Anabolic Running..
    Get 3 of Clickbank's Hottest Men's Health & Fitness Offers including two BRAND NEW $$$ monsters Anabolic Reload & Anabolic Sleeping. 90% commission Affiliates:
  47. Osteoporosis - The Bone Density Solution..
    A unique solution for a horrendous health problem plaguing 33% of women over 50. Oustanding conversion rate with a thoroughly optimized sales channel. Part of
  48. Silk Remedy - Viral Foot Peel Mask..
    The “disgustingly satisfying” foot peel that went viral - brought to you by the creators of multiple health & beauty grand slams. Start promoting before everyone else. Email [email protected] to get whitelisted.
  49. Living Healthy With Chocolate: Paleo/Primal Dessert Cookbook..
    Over 100 easy to prepare dessert recipes. All recipes use nutrient dense, Paleo/Primal approved ingredients that are free of gluten, grains, peanuts, refined sugars and soy. 75% commission. Promo material at
  50. Products For Self Help & Addictions & Health..
    See Aff Tools For Correct Hoplinks.Full Spectrum Of Personal Development, Confidence, Meditation, Addiction & Health Products In Our "product Hub" We Are Updating Our Affiliate Tools Page So Check Back Regularly. Promote To Gifts Or Direct To Sales Pages.
  51. Top Dog Food Product! Now with higher conversions!..
    Offer is a 4 part eBook for Dogs. (We also have a Cat version!) Converts on Cold and Warm Traffic. Does great with health, fitness, diet, financial, survival, biz op and personal development lists.
  52. Neuropathy No More - Blue Heron Health News..
    Huge Niche / Tiny Competition For People +55. Almost everyone with Type 2 Diabetes ends up with Nephropathy, Making This a Huge, sought after niche. A Class Copywriter and Optimizer. Brought To You By The Conversion Kings At
  53. Endo Pump - Male Enhancement MONSTER with KILLER REBILLS..
    DIAMOND & PLATINUM MAKING Male Health Supplement Offer. Killer conversions & HUGE EPCs. 85% payout available. Great upsells & BEST REBILLS! Creatives for ALL traffic sources! Email [email protected] for 85% bump!
  54. NEW '23: Archangel Health Prayers for 400 Diseases, Weight Loss.....
    New exciting Spiritual Healing offer: Powerful Archangel Prayers for all common health issues & diseases (obesity, diabetes, blood clots, Alzheimer, brain fog, memory, heart/cardio, ED, joints, pain, and more). GET YOUR LINKS:
  55. Freedom From Dental Disease!..
    Beat Tooth & Gum Disease Now - Keep Healthy Teeth For Life While Saving Dental Dollars! With over 200 pages this is no skimpy report, rather, must-have information for you and your family - quick & easy changes to your routine you can make Right NOW!
  56. Over 500 Tasty Diabetic Recipes, sure to please your taste buds!..
    Discover a treasure trove of 500 diabetic-friendly recipes. From delightful fudge to mouth-watering cakes and cookies, satisfy your cravings without compromising your health. Perfect for diabetics and non-diabetics, embrace the joys of cooking together!
  57. Natural Synergy: Health Product With Epic 75-90% Comms & $1.89 EPCs!..
    Natural Therapy With Killer VSL & Captivating Hook That Converts Like Crazy For Both Health & PD Niches! Powerful Therapy Based On Acupuncture. HUGE 75-90% Comms On Front & Back End Sales, Plus High Uptake Monthly Recurrings!
  58. 14 Day Rapid Soup Diet - The Superman of Keto Offers for 2023..
    New keto offer from 2 Platinum partners is the best offer we ever produced. Affs are seeing 4 to 6% conversions. Converts great to health, diet, exercise & weight loss lists. UPDATE 2023 - We have a brand new product, 10 Day Fast Soup Detox - Check it out
  59. Vertigo and Dizziness Program - Blue Heron Health News..
    Unique niche with very little competition. Professionally written and split tested VSL with great conversion. Recently added upsells will boost your commission further. Part of network.
  60. Cure IBS Naturally - Blue Heron Health News..
    This one of a kind IBS guide sells like crazy. The sales letter has been carefully split tested to convert as well as possible. Great information and low refund rate boosts Your credibility. Part of network.
  61. The Menopause Solution - Blue Heron Health News..
    Great Program + Professionally Created Marketing Materials = Fantastic Conversion Rate & Few Refunds = Happy Customers and Affiliates. Part Of Network.
  62. Super Pet Total Health by Meaningful Tree..
    Meaningful Tree's Super Pet Total Health moves better than any other pet product we have seen. With a 8.9%+ CVR, we've taken the goodness of the ancient olive tree with only the cleanest ingredients. Vet recommended, pet parent approved! MASSIVE PAYOUTS
  63. Cure For TMJ, Bruxing and Tooth Grinding - Blue Heron Health News..
    Naturally heal TMJ, Bruxing and Tooth Grinding permanently. Professionally written and split tested sales letter for maximum conversion. It really works so the refund rate is very low. Part of network.
  64. Cure Erectile Dysfunction - Blue Heron Health News..
    Description: Over two third of males over 40 have minor or major problem with impotence and erection dysfunction are willing to do anything to fix it. Great information and low refund rate. Part of network.
  65. VOGenesis 2020 - Refreshed for "Corona" Economic Crisis..
    Unemployment rates at all time high. VOGenesis has been refreshed in 2020. Converting better now to all sorts of traffic. Self Help, Health, Dating and Biz Opp. EPCs strong at $1.04 Affiliate details:
  66. Clé Diabète Type 2 - French Diabetes´s Natural Control..
    New Success In French Market. Converting At 5%+ To Diabetes/health Lists With $1.50+ Epcs. Promo 90% Commission And Cash Prizes. 3 Upsells. Excellent Recurring Billing! Low Refunds. Do A Test!
  67. ED Elixir The Most Explosive New Mens Health Offer..
    From the creators of Red Tea Detox and ED Reverser Comes A New Conversion Monster. Insane 5 percent Conversions on Email and Paid Traffic. Access Your Tools Including Our Proven Email Swipes Suitable For All Email Lists.
  68. The Doctor's Book of Survival Home Remedies..
    With a new funnel, VSL and eye-catching design, this book performs exceptionally well in the health, survival, and remedies niches. We're offering a 75% commission to affiliates who want to put it to the test, Give it a try today!
  69. Hemochromatosis - Blood Iron Levels..
    Totally untapped niche for prospects +65, equally men and women. This is a disease that the traditional health system has no solution for. But we do. Professionally created and optimized sales channel including $99 upsell. Part of
  70. Sonu's Diabetes Secret: New Offer Remarkably Hits On Any Health List!..
    Rising Offer To Earn Good Commissions While Helping People Manage Their Diabetes. It Appeals To Any Wellness Lists! Average 1.67% Fe Cvr, Aov $70 With An Epc Of $1.30. Note: You Might Ironically Show A Sweet Smile After You Try This Offer.
  71. Lost Frontier Handbook..
    NEW! - The Lost Frontier Handbook Compliant! 75% initial commissions (for physical books sales). Performs well in most niches: health, survival, remedies, etc. SKY HIGH conversion rate on email lists. You need to test this!
  72. Cure Arthritis Naturally - Blue Heron Health News..
    This one of a kind arthritis guide sells like crazy. The video sales letter has been carefully split tested to convert amazingly.Great information and low refund rate boosts your credibility. Part of network.
  73. Survival MD..
    Survival MD - Brand New Funnel. High-converting landing page, and a product that sells itself. Don't miss out on this opportunity to earn big with us. Performs great on survival and health niches.
  74. The Prostate Protocol - BPH - Blue Heron Health News..
    Enlarged Prostate (BPH) is a huge, embarrassing niche for men +55. Our prostate strategy is unlike any other - healing men in days. Killer VSL witten by an A-Class Copywriter. Then, Tested and Optimized for Maximum Conversion. from
  75. Synergex 7..
    Phenomenal male health supplement with a killer VSL that converts clicks to cold, hard cash. Boosted commissions available to qualified affiliates. Upsells double AOV. Send us traffic, you won't be disappointed.
  76. 2022 April New HOT Launch: Dream Alchemy..
    Unique Astrology/Lucid Dream Offer that will blow your readers away! Generating $115/Sale Plus weekly rebills that last FOREVER, Keeping your EPC healthy! Appeals to all traffic that loves numerology/astrology/tarot
  77. Phoenix Generator..
    Full PDF and Video Guide On Building a Compact Phoenix Generator With a Survival Pitched VSL. Conversion Rates Between 5% and 15%. Works On Survival, Energy, Health, Home & Garden & Many More!
  78. The Sciatica Recovery System..
    Back Pain & Sciatica Offer - High conversions on email, social media & search traffic. Over $50 per sale. Works for any health oriented email list.
  79. The Migraine And Headache Program! - Blue Heron Health News..
    This unique Migraine and Headache program sells like crazy. The sales letter has been split tested for maximum conversion. Great information and low refund rate boosts your credibility. Part of network.
  80. Healthy Pregnancy Summit..
    20+ Medical And Health Professionals Have Come Together For This Online Summit Designed To Help Families Have A Safer Pregnancy And A Healthier Baby Without Worry While Minimizing The Risk Of Complications, Miscarriage And Developmental Disorders.
  81. The EMF Health Summit..
    Best affiliates are earning $3.64 EPL (Earnings per lead)! Endorsed By Dr Mercola And Other Top Health Experts. Earn Great Commissions And Promote A Worthy Cause. Commission: 50.0%
  82. NeuroTest..
    Outstanding and unique ED, Testosterone, and Male Health offer. Killer VSL sucks up cash and the powerful formula makes men super happy. Message for links and swipes.
  83. Heal Your Dog Naturally..
    At Last, A Book That Reveals The Underlying Causes Of Your Dog's Health Problems That Your Vet Doesn't Even Know About So That Your Pet Can Live A Longer, Healthier and Happier Life.
  84. Health Confidential..
    America's #1 Health Publication Created By 15 Year CB Veteran That Has Paid Out Over $25 Million To Affiliates. Receive Recurring Commission For Life With Every Signup!
  85. Sexual Peak Performance - Hot New Mens Health Offer!..
    Get affiliate tools here.
  86. Ejaculation_Guru - Breakthrough Sales Video For Last Longer Niche..
    Highest EPC In Niche -$$- Thanks To The Sales Video This Is Easily The Highest Converting PE Product... Use It To Profit From The Last Longer, Premature Ejac, Men's Health & Penis Help Niches. Free Resources At
  87. Simply-Balanced Health and Life..
    A New Offer is here! Change lives and make money doing it! Help people reach their fitness goals by giving them information that is easy to understand and apply to their lives. Go to our home page to learn more. Give your Audience 20%, see affiliates page
  88. Freedom Particle Converter..
    Full PDF and Video Guide On Building a Compact Freedom Particle Converter With a Survival Pitched VSL. Conversion Rates Between 5% and 15%. Works On Survival, Energy, Health, Home & Garden & Many More!
  89. Natural Breast Enlargement | Dr. Bust | Get 75% Commissions Instantly..
    Natural Breast Enlargement Offer With A Sky-High Conversion Rate — FINALLY On Clickbank! 75% Commissions, EPCs up to $5.37. A Women's Health Offer That Converts Cold Traffic Like Crazy. Affiliate Center:
  90. Overcoming Onychomycosis - Nail Fungus..
    Big embarrassment, bad smell, horrendous health conditions are a few selling points of this high converting offer. Written by an A class copywriter, optimized for months on paid search, emails and other channels. Part of
  91. Find Out About Ferrets...
    The Complete Guide To Turning Your Fuzzy Into The Happiest, Best-Behaved, And Healthiest Pet In The World!
  92. New Meat Preserving and Curing Guide! Off The Chart Conversion Rates!..
    Thick PDF Guide On Curing, Smoking and Preserving Meat, Pitched Through A Survival&Health Angled VSL. Conversion Rates Between 3% And 10%. Works On Survival, Energy, Health, Home&Garden & Many More! Aff Tools:
  93. Manhood Maximizer - Natural Enlargement For Men..
    Clickbank's #1 Mens Health Vendor Has An Explosive New Offer. Converts All Types Of Mens Traffic. Get Affiliate Tools Here: Https://
  94. Infected Book Conversion Monster Is Here!..
    This new book is right at the intersection of survival, health and politics - so it crushes to all three kinds of lists! Huge conversions and great upsell boosters make this a no-brainer for your boomer list.
  95. The ED Bible - High EPCs On This Erectile Dysfunction Tripwire Offer..
    From the creator of the PE Bible! Mens health E.D. offer with high converting trip wire front end. If you've got male traffic and are looking for a HOT erectile dysfunction offer, you'll make bank with this. -
  96. Man Greens - Earn BIG With the T-Boosting Greens Supplement for MEN...
    50% COMMISSION. Average order have has been $220. Man Greens is a 100% natural testosterone and libido booster for men, that also contains vital nutrients to improve health, energy, and recovery. Please check our affiliate tools page for Terms of Service
  97. Best Selling Premature_Ejaculation Guide CB - Blue Heron Health News..
    The professional sales-letter converts up to 3x better than the competitions. The guide is written by a real professional therapist. So it really works and the refund rate is very low. Part of network.
  98. New Unique Weight Loss Method - Blue Heron Health News..
    New revolutionary method puts weight loss on autopilot. Quickly and permanently. No diets or workouts. Professionally written and split tested sales letter. Low refund rate. Part of network.
  99. - French Version Of Old School New Body..
    Vieille Methode, Corps Neuf - Higher Conversion Rate Than Any VSL In The Health Category. Get your Sales Tool at : [email protected]
  100. ProstaClear..
    ProstaClear is the new winner in Men's Health! EPC's as high as $5.00! AOV's over $200 to general health lists! The hook on this offer is something your audience has never seen or heard before and it is written by a top copywriter!
  101. Reverse Your Fatty Liver 100% Naturally..
    Fatty Liver affiliates earn 90% digital, 75% physical, 35% on supplements. Fatty liver program converts on diet, diabetes, joint pain, liver, supplement, even non-health lists. Please opt-in and read rules BEFORE you promote to get bonus commissions.
  102. The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs - HOT Evergreen Offer!..
    Enjoy Easily Waking Up to Sales with this Proven One of a Kind Health & Remedies Encyclopedia! CR: 3-7%, Low refund rates. Easy to sell to 45+ in the health & wellness, diet, and survival niches. Book Features Over 250+ little-known alt health remedies.
  103. Pearly Penile Papules Removal - Brand New Market ~ HOT..
    Pearly Penile Papules Removal is a Brand New Product in the Men's Health Market ~ Very Hungry niche Because the Only Alternative is Surgery ~ Over 60% of Males Suffer From This Condition
  104. New! - Truth About Lipoma. High conversions + 75% commission!..
    Earn 75% on this brand new product in the health niche. No competition + hungry buyers = easy sales for affiliates. Start promoting this now before the competition! For affiliate material please visit:
  105. Agrandarlo / Male Enlargement / 90% & 3 Upsells...
    Success in the spanish market. Promo 90% commission (email me). Converting at 4,8%+ to male health lists With $1.45+ epcs. 3 Upsells, recurring billing. Low refunds. Lots of aff tools. Do a test now!
  106. The Manhood Miracle..
    Killer new male health offer with a brand new hook that guys love. Great conversions and low refunds. Email us for swipes and boosted commissions.
  107. Prosperity Miracles - Hottest Offer That Converts With Cold Traffic..
    New Offer That Rips Personal Development, New Age, Spiritual, Biz Opp, Mmo, Health Traffic Into Cold Hard Cash. $17 Trip-wire Offer With Large EPC. Test 200-500 Clicks And Be Surprised With The Results. 8-figure Earner Sets Conversions On Fire.
  108. Eat Well to Age Well - Jump Start..
    A 10 Day Jumpstart to amazing health/ weight loss. 50% payouts and great affiliate tools available. Custom affiliate tools available to proven affiliates. Email us, we would love to get to know you. This program is seeing amazing results.
  109. Sonic Key - Brand New Wealth Manifestation Offer for July 2023!..
    We are seeing $1.50 EPC's with $60+ AOV with 2% conversions. This is a brand new manifestation offer that is converting well on spirtuality, personal development and health lists.
  110. Learn2Lick - The Ultimate Oral Sex Lessons..
    Ultimate Oral Sex Lessons for men! Low Refunds. Works For Relationship, Dating, Health, Fitness, Diy, Survival And Any Male Interest Lists.
  111. Simple Keto Test..
    Simple Keto Test
    Leading Edge Health has been producing top grossing men's health supplements for over 20 years and now they are on CB and you can start selling their biggest product right now. Written by a legendary copywriter this is a VSL that won't disappoint!
  113. Pure Natural Healing - Win Bonus Cash - Sept 2016 Contest..
    OMG. New Health Offer crushing it with unique ancient chinese remedy hook. 3 Upsells. 24/7 testing & conversion team working HARD to make more sales for you. Top aff banking $7k/day. Test it. Be AMAZED! Aff details:
  114. #1 Keto Diet Cookbook, Keto Weight Loss Digital Program & More..
    Over $150k in Sales. Open to All Affiliates. 75% Front-End Plus 50% Upsell Commissions. Highly Converting on All Traffic with an Optimized Flow for Natural Health Lists. All Products, Links, & Swipe at
  115. Half Day Diet..
    New VSL is a solid converter for health, weight loss & fitness lists. Digital front end + supplement upsells deliver solid AOV up to $144. Contact us for commission bump if you are a high-volume affiliate only.
  116. The Psoriasis Program - Permanent Psoriasis Solution By Dr Eric Bakker..
    The Psoriasis Program. A 600 + page solution for ALL psoriasis sufferers by Dr. Eric Bakker. Highest converting product in the psoriasis category. With many cases treated for over 30 years, Eric Bakker is THE leading naturopathic psoriasis expert.
  117. The Willpower Secret..
    A very unique and different health infoproduct. Not the same ole hyped up weight loss stuff. This program gets to the heart of sustainable weight loss. This is a program you'll be proud to promote.
  118. Mens Sexual Health Online Ebooks..
    ***BRAND NEW JUST PUBLISHED*** This is a Proven Winner in a Proven Niche. Offer ALL Top 15 Mens Sexual Health Niche's with One Access for Only $11.99 and you Earn 75% of All Sales. Start Promoting Today. Very High Conversions & EPCs. No Approval Needed.
  119. The Testosterone Code..
    Testosterone Code Gets Your Customers Results...Period. This offer converts best to all health and fitness traffic, especially muscle. Start Filling Your Clickbank Account With BIG Money NOW! Promote this offer to bank hard!
  120. Manifestation Code System - $1.37EPC On Cold Traffic..
    New offer that converts Personal Development, New Age, Spiritual, Biz Opp, MMO, Health Traffic into cold hard cash. $9 Trip-Wire offer and super low refunds. Test 200-300 clicks and be amazed with the results. 8-Figure Copywriter sets conversions on fire.
  121. Healthy Tongue Secrets Revealed...
    Help For Geographic Tongue, Tongue Fissures or Cracks, Bald Patches, Thrush, And Other Tongue Problems.
  122. The Detox Guide..
    New, Super Popular, Detox Guide - High Conversions - Easy To Promote - Anyone Interested In Natural Health And Tips For Wellbeing, Energy And Vitality Will Love This!
  123. The Book on Heat..
    Awesome new book quickly proving itself as a sales juggernaut with great upsells. Your Health & Weight loss lists will love it. Imagine easy sales with low refunds and happy customers. Seen everything on exercise & nutritition? Hit them with this new one!
  124. Kachin Diabetes Solution - Top Diabetes Health Offer. Huge EPC's..
    Highest EPC's in an evergreen health niche. Payouts of up to $260+ per sale. Brand new high converting VSL, lifetime commissions, refund rate below 1%. Highest AOV's, 90% commission for super affiliates. This Will Be The #1 Health Product For The Year.
  125. Fat Reductor System..
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