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Rapid Wealth Key - $2+ epcs - NEW For 2023!

Fresh new offer for 2023 from World Renowned Hypnotist Aaron Surtees. Converts all types of traffic including bizopp, PD, new age, spiritual! Order bumps, high ticket upsells, rebills. Make up to $187 per customer with commission bumps available!

Ultra Manifestation - $1+ EPCs - Updated for 2020 with rebills!

Updated for 2020! Affiliates are generating $1/click on cold traffic with this ground breaking, mesmerizing VSL. 1-Click recurring billing upsells, super low refund rate and plenty of tools for media buyers!

ZenHarmonics *NEW OFFER* Meditation Music

Sell this exclusive, unique, binaural beats meditations with heartbeat synchronization, and ambient audio technology. High converting upsell and downsell flows to back up your frontend commissions.

N E W 'Find Your Twin Flame' Offer Your List Hasn't Seen Before

High Converting Course For Twin Flames That Helps Them Reunite Faster. Popular In The Spirituality Niche And Love/Relationships, Tarot, Soulmate, Love Niches. See Affiliate Tools For More! Created By An Actual Twin Flame Couple, Very Unique In This Space.

** NEW ** Quantum Millionaire: Affiliate Already Making Tons of Sales

Remarkable $3 EPC! Low refund. Easy affiliate sales. Click on the link and get a 90% commission on the front end!


We're breaking new ground - No more boring VSL, we’re using an Interactive VSL that leads to a HIGHER level of engagement and conversion. We're seeing EPC as high as $1.65! You get 75% on the frontend offer, bump offer, 3 upsells, and 2 downsells.

Manifestation Gods - Unbelievable New Angle! New 2021!

From The Same People That Brought You Midas Manifestation and Manifestation Magic, Comes This Brand New Epc Monster! $2.25+ EPCs w/rebills. Based on true stories of people who used manifestation to win the lottery!

The Manifestation Hack - Huge Conversions - 75% Commissions!

The original mega converting PD offer from world renowed hypnotist Aaron Surtees. $1+ EPCs, 75% commissions and less than 10% refunds! This unique product converts to ALL types of traffic. Give it a go and be amazed!

Gorgeous Guardian Angel Bracelet Offer with Full Funnel! 75% for you!

Entrance Your Audience with This Attractive Bracelet High Converting Offer For Anyone Into Reiki, Energy Healing, Yoga Or Spirituality. Up to 75% Commissions Earned on Entire Sales Funnel including 75% on Lifetime Rebills. No opt-in Before Sales Page.

5 Minute Manifestation

Latest Offer From World Renowned Hypnotist Aaron Surtees. Converts All Types Of Traffic - PD, Bizopp, New Age, Spiritual, Health - Give it a go and see! Order Bumps, High Ticket Upsells, Rebills - Make Up To $153 Per Customer!

Dr. Robert Anthony - The Secret of Deliberate Creation and more!

Earn 50% Commissions! Dr. Robert Anthony acknowledged inspiration behind 'The Secret' Takes Deliberate Creation and the Law of Attraction to the Next Level! Affiliates: Go To Http://

Up to 75% Commission! New-Age/PD Funnel + 1-Click Upsells

3-Step Energy Healing Funnel Includes Multiple Upsells + Downsells- Perfect For New-Age, Pd, Self-Help, Law Of Attraction & More! All Sales Pages & 4 High Converting Swipes By Top Top Copywriter. Free Shipping. 75% Commission On Recurring too!

Wealthy Brain Wave - Latest Breakthrough VSL by Top Earning Marketer

Sky-high conversions, massive EPCs, compelling copy, and an outstanding product. This is a BRAND-NEW VSL monster : Wealthy Brain Wave. Discover why marketers are thrilled to promote this offer by testing your traffic today.

QUIZ - Who Is Your Guide For 2024?

Discover Your Prosperous Destiny With Our “Who Is Your Spirit Guide In 2024” Quiz. 75% Commission On FE And Downsells, Recurring Commissions, And High Ticket Upsells! Send A Test Email & Watch The Commissions Pour In. Start Promoting Now!

Isochiral (Chakra ,Psychic, LOA) - Many New Upsells & Some 90% Comms

Up to 90% Comms EPC $1.20. Very Low Refunds Over 100 Personal Development, Self Help & Spiritual Products: Brainwave Entrainment ,Chakra, Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Subliminal, Hypnosis, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Solfeggio:

Vibration Jump - Give us an honest try

In collaboration with Personal development guru, Stephanie Mulac, we created a top-notch manifestation program called Vibration Jump Method revolving around the idea of "raise your vibration, raise your manifestation game!"

Cosmic Spirit Animal Now With No-Opt in Version too!

Your Spirit Animal Is Trying To Connect With You Offer. Dynamic Personalized Report System With Full Upsell / Downsell Chain. Commissions up to 75% Including Lifetime Rebills. Fun For a Wide Range of Markets. No Opt In Version in Additional Hoplink Area.

Manifestation Sigil BRAND NEW Sept 2020 Manifestation OFFER

This is a unique offer that combines modern science technology with ancient witchcraft magic to optimize manifestation! Mindfulness, Meditation, Success, Relationships, Law of Attraction, Spirituality, Life Transformation etc. Earn Up To $102++ Per Sale

Brand New 2022 - Wealth Obsidian Tiger Eye Pixiu Bracelet!

Customers LOVE the New Obsidian Tiger Eye Pixiu Bracelet that helps to attract wealth and repels negative energy 24 hours a day just by wearing it! We're seeing 1.5% conversions with $70+ AOV. This is one of the highest converting bracelets on the market!

The ORIGINAL Lady Fortuna Offer!

Ready to bank in commissions? Mail = Commissions! Get your money swipes below and start promoting now!

Origins Reborn [HOT!!!] FRESH Manifestation Offer

This brand new, compelling VSL converts like crazy! High EPC's with rebills and low refunds. PLUS high-converting optin funnels, including a super personalized and accurate Law of Attraction quiz with over 19,683 different result combinations.

Guardian Angel Sacred Letter

Get insane eCPCs from this never-seen funnel!

7 Minute Mindfulness

Earn 75% Front End Commission Plus 50% Backend PLUS Recurring Billing To Boost Your Long Term Epcs! Fast, easy mindfulness and meditation. Free giveaway hoplink option available.

BRAND NEW -The Healed Soul- Manifest your DESTINY!

The Healed Soul is a Digital ebook which serves as a BLUEPRINT on how to SURVIVE and THRIVE in the 21st century. The information is delivered FAST and EFFECTIVE in order for people to get quick results when it comes to MANIFESTING.

Aura Colors Quiz - Find Your Aura Color

How are your aura colors influencing YOU - your love life, money, health, happiness and more?

Transform Lives, Earn Big: Freedom Manifestation Mastery (2%+ Convrs)

Want to promote a truly impactful product? Look to Freedom Manifestation Mastery! Its unique program & 2%+ conversions help you earn big while changing lives. Join our affiliate program for transformational profits today!

The Secret Mirror *BRAND NEW Manifestation Offer*

Proven Law of Attraction offer with high EPC's, low refunds & recurring commissions. Multi-ebook funnels. Or let the VSL starring the brilliant Dr Joe Vitale convert your traffic into $$$.

Hot New Manifestation offer: Pure Natural Manifestation

New hook for the Law of Attraction and Manifestation market, based on the transformational energies of the spiritual vortexes at Sedona, Arizona. Get 75% commissions on the Front-end and Upsells!

Soulmate Sketch & Reading - Viral Product Blowing up on Social Media!!

Absolutely blowing up on social media!! Amazing conversions on TikTok, Instagram & Facebook traffic! Works amazing on a general audience & targeted niches. One affiliate generated $35k on a 24hour Tiktok Post in 2021. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS.

My Personal Frequency - New Offer Getting Affiliates Over $1 EPCs

A Best-Selling Offer Has Finally Been Opened Up to Affiliates! Includes Front-End Recurring Commissions and High-End Upsells That Will Make Your Mouth Agape When You Promote It.

Prosperity Waves - Top Wealth Manifestation Program, High EPC!

Offering Affiliates over $1.5 EPC, this Wealth Manifestation program is a conversion juggernaut. With a proven track record, see your commissions surge beyond expectations. Step into prosperity now!

Thought Elevators - Monster EPCs with 75% comms thru funnel

Personal Development Offer: Killer Hook, Amazing Conversions, Killer Upsells (63% take rate), Amazing Self Rebill doubles EPC's. Life Changing Product With Rave Reviews. JVs & Affiliates Go Here For Tools:

The Shift Frequency - 2024 New PD, Manifestation Offer

The Shift Frequency is an audio program that delves into the concept of shifting one's frequency to live a happier & more fulfilling life, and provides practical strategies for doing so. In house tested EPC = $2.50 works well with cold and warm traffic.

The Superabundance System

Brand New & Unique Manifestation offer with $1+ EPCs at $68 AOV! This is one of the highest converting manifestations on the market!

Cheat Codes - Hot Manifestation Offer

June 2021 $5K+ Affiliate Contest for this Trend that is Going Viral! Test Out this Manifestation Offer on Social and Watch it Convert like Crazy! Works on personal development, spiritual, and more type of lists. Pays out 75% for Huge Epc's!

Aug 2023 Brand New Destiny Passage Code

Brand new unique destiny manifestation offer that has comes with a super-irresistible offer. Front end converts at 1.5%. An AOV of $68. This product will shower your Clickbank account with an abundance of commissions!


We have completely revamped our website to optimize for loading speed. This product sells well to Spirituality and Personal Development list and especially to Astrology list. Feel free to give us a try! Send us an email and get a 90% bump FOREVER.

*ON FIRE*Morpheus Method - JUL 2023 - Ultimate Spiritual Program 2023!

Experience The Conversion Monster Of 2023 With The Morpheus Method! All New Unique Wealth Manifestation Offer That Boasts An Impressive $2.12+ EPCs After Tested For Months! Frontend Conversion Rate of Over 2.1%, Upsell @ 40%+! Send Some Test Traffic Now!

Guion de la Buena Suerte - El Camino de la Fortuna - 75% de Comisión

Altas conversiones, copia convincente y un producto excepcional. Esta oferta totalmente nueva de Manifestación y Ley de Atracción está cautivando a la audiencia de Desarrollo Personal y a las listas con su carta de ventas basada en historias.

Ho'oponopono Heart of an Angel

Easy commissions in the spiritual self-help market. Ho'oponopono, Dr. Joe Vitale, inner child and Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon.

Whole Brand New Cognizant Manifestation System

A whole brand new cognizant manifestation system to raise the vibration level and connect with the Universe through brainwave frequencies.

Wealth Avatar

Discover your financial personality with a free quiz, unveiling one of seven meticulously crafted personas rooted in extensive research. These avatars cater to diverse financial profiles from all walks of life. Give it 100 clicks and be amazed!

Manifestation Masterkey System with 10 Monthly Rebills

We pay 75% On Front End and Upsells + 50% on 10 Rebills

11 Days to Manifestation Mastery Program + 5 FREE Bonuses

This is the ultimate law of attraction offer with more than 15 hours of audio seminars, exercises, and hypnosis. Earn 75% on the whole funnel and earn up to $118 per sale. The funnel includes an order bump, upsell, and downsell. 90% commission possible.

Advanced Chakra Spa

On demand Videos Energetic NLP Energy Spa sessions from a virtual workshop for $47

Magic Check - New Proven Manifestation Offer

"Magic Check" has already proven its conversion power, which means you can be sure of earning a handsome commission by promoting it. Head over to our affiliate tools section to see the current proof of its conversion rates.

Happiness Killer Quiz

Quiz based funnel makes people happy and you'll be happy with the commissions! Full funnel, 75% commissions. It's a perfect time to mail. Great for personal development / self-help, spirituality / new age or any other niche where people want to be happy.

Rebirth Academy

Brand New Premium Video Course To Reach Spiritual Enlightenment In 9 Months. Irresistible Hook That Goes Against The Crowd, High-converting Vsl With Video Testimonials And Big Commissions.

Des Livres Solution Spirituelle

Faites la promotion des ebooks-livres spirituels et gagner 60% à chaque vente réalisée. Les outils d'affiliations sont ici:

Manifestación de 15 minutos

Conversiones insanas con un 75% de comisiones en Front End Plus 3x Upsells. Irresistible Hook. Vaya aquí para Swipes, enlaces de afiliados:

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