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hwtonic 194.71 -1.82

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Elemental Origin - Personalized Reading That Converts

Paid out over $100k in affiliate commission! Brand new personalized reading that is extremely accurate. Give this offer a try and see your bank account grows before the end of 2023.

The Manifestation Wizard - $1.50 epcs - Red Hot New Offer!

New Offer From World Renowned Hypnotist Aaron Surtees. Converts all types of traffic including bizopp, PD, new age, spiritual - it's all on fire! Order bumps, high ticket upsells, rebills. Make up to $153 per customer with 75% commissions.

G O D - F R E Q U E N C Y . . . New Pd & Manifestation Offer

Hottest new manifestation offer! Help people manifest God's Blessings by tuning in to the God Frequency binaural beats. Story-based sales letter appeals to both Christians and non-Christians alike. High EPC !

Aura Reading - Updated Offer for the New Year 2023 - Above $1 EPCs

This Personalized and Unusual Reading Will Capture Anyone's Attention Within A Span of A Few Minutes. Try it and see the INSANE results for yourself. Work exceptionally well in the Personal Development, Spirituality, MMO Niches, and more...

Genetic Wealth Code - July 2023 Wealth Manifestation - Huge ROI

New Profit-Making Manifestation Offer Built For Commissions. Conversions Up To 2% on Front End and Up To 55% on Upsells. AOV $70. VSL= Cold Traffic Converter! Direct Your Test Traffic And Watch Revenue Flow Starting Today!

Unlock Theta Power

$240 maximum order value. 75% commission on ALL products. THIS angle/funnel has never been done in the niche! Visit our JV page for info.

Brand NEW Prosperity Sketch High EPC's

Hot prosperity angle converts insane!

The 432 Code: No B.S. Wealth Manifestation Offer

REAL spokesman, REAL story, REAL ancient Abundance Code. 2X average FE conversion rates + stacked backend optimized for recurring monthly commissions. Mail once, get paid over and over. Docu-style VSL with an irresistible hook converts CLICKS into CASH!

Astrology Answers' Renowned Transit Period Guide

The top astrology offer in the world is FINALLY on ClickBank. 10+ Years in business. Fantastic EPC’s. High conversion rates and a fully personalized product. Mass audience appeal and cold traffic tested.

75% Commission! Get Paid To Follow Your True Calling

Top Quality "Mayan Code" System With Wide Appeal And High Conversions. Our Top-Selling Life-Purpose Course Converts Like Crazy! You Make 75% On Every Sale Including Front End, Recurring, And 1-click Upsells

The Shambala Secret - Updated For You To Make More Money!

Version 2 Is Converting Better Than Before! Get Paid 75% Commissions On The Front and 3 Upsells. Send Traffic To Start Earning Today! Grab Your Affiliate Tools:

2021 Numerology Forecast - Hot NEW Offer $2+ EPC

It's brand new, women and spirituality LOVE IT! Converts 5-10% on cold traffic, 100% personalized funnel with follow up automations. Come try it out, affiliates making 5 figures a day!

Cosmic Wealth Code: Breakthrough Manifestation Offer,Commission Magnet

A Breakthrough New Offer - Designed only for Commissions. Appeals To Manifestation / LOA/ Spiritual Lists so well. Converts amazingly for Facebook, Youtube & Tik Tok High EPC & ROAS on Social Media waiting for you. King of Wealth Manifestation

Moonlight Manifestation

Fun, new "wealth manifestation" angle for August 2022! Join the excitement of an unstoppable group of manifestors known as the "Miracle 33." Your list will LOVE this!

Money Cells - Brand New Wealth Manifestation Angle!

Money Cells is a brand new wealth manifestation offer that could potentially make you rich! Over $100,000 in split tests have dialed this in, and have resulted in EPCs as high as $3!

Wealth Switch - Convert on Email, FB, Google and Native Ads

Brand new offer who has done over $3 EPC 150+ affiliate sales a day (even small affiliates are getting sales!) Convert on FB and IG Fresh converting affiliate swipes send weekly 90% commission bump for ALL affiliates when you click on the link below:

2022 Brand New - The 7 Magic Energy Experiments!

Captivating video hooks audiences glued to this brand new documentary-style VSL! Watch how this incredible story unfolds! We're seeing conversions up to 3%! Upsells up to 40%! AOV @ $60++ Earn up to $200.00 Per Sale! Rebills added! Customers love it!

Quantum Manifestation Code - New Law Of Attraction Offer!

75% Commissions on Front End and 3 X Up-sells! High Quality Product with Unique Hook and VSL based on research findings From University Of Texas, Austin. Money Loves Speed. Start Promoting Now!

Instant KARMA Code - New VSL Launch - Make Money Now!

NEW "Lennon" VSL Is Converting Like Mad! We Pay 75% Commissions Across The Entire Funnel, 3 Upsells, and 3 Downsells. Promote Now & Earn Up To $156 Per Sale. Grab Your Affiliate Tools at

Chakra Balance QUIZ - September 2021 - NEW high converter!

Personalized Chakra Balance Quiz. Huge EPCs - 4 Upsells including rebills with high converting follow-up sequence. Ideal for meditation, personal development, law of attraction, success, and spirituality audiences. 90% commissions for ALL!

For All Spiritual Seekers - Great conversions!

75% commissions on all digital upsells & downsells (including recurring!). System by CB Platinum member, Copy by proven CB copywriter. Appeals To New-Age, Woo-Woo, Self-help, Law Of Attraction & More!

Solomon's IntuitionFlow 2024 - Newly Optimized Funnel

A newly optimized funnel with (1) a well-oiled front end sales page and (2) brand new upsell products that your customers would LOVE to purchase. We're seeing EPC as high as $2.25! You get 75% on the frontend offer, bump offer, 3 upsells, and 2 downsells.

Blockbuster Personal Development Hit: 15 Minute Manifestation

Proven conversions with 75% commissions on Front End, plus 50% on 3 one-click upsells. Unique hook based on true story. Update: Spanish Version Released! Go Here: Https://

Sacred Sound Healing System - Updated 2021 Offer!

You can make up to $400 per sale on our new hybrid funnel. Conversions are up to 4% and AOV is $70. We are seeing up to $2 EPCs. The sound healing market is growing during the pandemic. Everyone is looking to heal and reduce anxiety! Jump on this offer!

Manifestation Code System - $1.37EPC On Cold Traffic

New offer that converts Personal Development, New Age, Spiritual, Biz Opp, MMO, Health Traffic into cold hard cash. $9 Trip-Wire offer and super low refunds. Test 200-300 clicks and be amazed with the results. 8-Figure Copywriter sets conversions on fire.

N E W Unique Lucid Dreaming Offer From CB Platinum Vendor: Test Now!

NEW Unique Lucid Dreaming Offer. Teaches People How To Improve Themselves While They Sleep Using Lucid Dreaming. Unique Mechanism Shows How To Enhance Your Body/Mind In Your Sleep! Check Aff Tools Page For Email Swipes, Tools And More! EPCs Up To $1.97

Simple Keto Test

Simple Keto Test

ON FIRE! 10MA Is Revised $1.88 EPC On Email Lists & 4.7% Conversions

CB Platinum Offer Top 10 For Nine Consecutive Months, Proven To Convert Personal Development, Spirituality, New Age And Females 35+. AOV Is $75 With A Recurring Subscription Offer, 3 One Click Upsells And All Paying You 75%. Make Up To $499 Per Sale! - The Video Everyone Is Talking About!

Mind Blowing Video Is A Must See. Full Funnel. 75% commissions. Your traffic will not have seen ANYTHING like this before! Did you see the stats? Test it for yourself and enjoy the commissions

Rapid Wealth Key - $2+ epcs - NEW For 2023!

Fresh new offer for 2023 from World Renowned Hypnotist Aaron Surtees. Converts all types of traffic including bizopp, PD, new age, spiritual! Order bumps, high ticket upsells, rebills. Make up to $187 per customer with commission bumps available!

Royal Wealth Hack

New Manifestation Offer For 2024, Huge Commissions, High AOV and Killer EPCs. Product put together by the best in the business. Grab your affiliate emails from HERE NOW:

N E W 'Find Your Twin Flame' Offer Your List Hasn't Seen Before

High Converting Course For Twin Flames That Helps Them Reunite Faster. Popular In The Spirituality Niche And Love/Relationships, Tarot, Soulmate, Love Niches. See Affiliate Tools For More! Created By An Actual Twin Flame Couple, Very Unique In This Space.

** NEW ** Quantum Millionaire: Affiliate Already Making Tons of Sales

Remarkable $3 EPC! Low refund. Easy affiliate sales. Click on the link and get a 90% commission on the front end!

NAKED Soulmate Sketch X - EPC's are to the Moon!

From the creators of the Top Soulmate Sketch offer on CB! A fresh Spirituality and Astrology offer with a unique twist that gets INSANE EPC's because of our high converting funnel! Promote this now before its too late...

Manifestation Gods - Unbelievable New Angle! New 2021!

From The Same People That Brought You Midas Manifestation and Manifestation Magic, Comes This Brand New Epc Monster! $2.25+ EPCs w/rebills. Based on true stories of people who used manifestation to win the lottery!

Remove Energy Blocks - Reiki Master Alissa's Distance Reiki Healing

New July 2022! Unique Reiki Healing Product! Reiki Master Alissa Performs Distance Reiki Healing To Remove Your Energy Blocks. Spirituality, Self-help, Pd, Psychic, Reiki. Optimized For Cold Traffic Via Email, Social & Paid. 75%-90% Commissions!

Hand Drawn Feng Shui Wealth Talismans - Wealth Manifestation Magnet!

This 5,000-year old Asian Secret Will Make You a Magnet for Money & Riches! Master Chun Li's Hand Drawn Taoist Wealth Talismans Help You Attract Wealth, Luck & Abundance! Perfect For Spirituality Lists!

Ultra Manifestation - $1+ EPCs - Updated for 2020 with rebills!

Updated for 2020! Affiliates are generating $1/click on cold traffic with this ground breaking, mesmerizing VSL. 1-Click recurring billing upsells, super low refund rate and plenty of tools for media buyers!

Honest Tarot

Originally known as TarotProphet, this tarot offer has made over 1 million dollars in sales since inception. Personalized tarot readings = good conversions.

The Wealth Genome - New Wealth Manifestation Offer for 2023!

Unbelievable conversions with this irresistible hook! Media buyers are converting over 2% on cold traffic! This fully optimized funnel is guaranteed to make you a fortune! Send some test traffic and see for yourself!

New higher AOVs! Reiki Energy Bracelet (Free Shipping) Full funnel

Irresistible Bracelet Initial sale with full funnel and continuity! Hot offer for anyone into reiki, energy healing, yoga or spirituality in general. Up to 75% Commissions through whole funnel including life time rebills!

7 Day Prayer Miracle - 2021 New Spirituality Offer - High EPCs

Great Converter For Spirituality, Christianity, Law of Attraction, Numerology, Astrology, Tarot related Audiences! The Offer Attracts High Click Rates. Optimized Funnel With 3 Upsells.! Up To $250+ Per Sale. Up To 90% Commissions.

2022! Gorgeous Guardian Angel Bracelet Offer with Full Funnel

Entrance Your Audience with This Attractive Bracelet High Converting Offer For Anyone Into Reiki, Energy Healing, Yoga Or Spirituality. Up to 75% Commissions Earned on Entire Sales Funnel including 75% on Lifetime Rebills. No opt-in Before Sales Page.

5 Minute Manifestation

Latest Offer From World Renowned Hypnotist Aaron Surtees. Converts All Types Of Traffic - PD, Bizopp, New Age, Spiritual, Health - Give it a go and see! Order Bumps, High Ticket Upsells, Rebills - Make Up To $153 Per Customer!

Revised! Spiritual Connection Pendant Offer with full funnel

Beautiful Pendant Offer Kicks Off Full Funnel. 75% commissions on Lifetime Rebills. Hot Offer For Anyone Into Spirituality, Energy Healing, Yoga Or Reiki In General. Free Shipping offer really grabs customers attention!

Laws of Wealth

Laws of Wealth Is A Brand New Manifestation Offer For 2023 Conversion Rates Are Above Average For The Industry And Copy Is Written By A Top Copywriter. EPCs as high as $3.64 and 75% commission! Promote And Watch The Commissions Fly In!

Guardian Angel Personalized System. High conversions and commissions!

Exciting "Who Are My Guardian Angels" system! Buyers receive custom reports, you receive commissions through the full sales funnel. System by CB Platinum vendor, copy by proven CB copywriter!

New Happiness Code -- Law Of Attraction for Wealth & Happiness 2021

Unique Hook for Attracting Abundance & Wealth. Converts Like Crazy For P D And L O A Traffic on the Frontend & 3 One-click Upsells. 2.8% Conversion & $1.14 EPC. Send a Test Email to see for yourself! Created Based On Harvard Research.

Cellular Sound Tuning - 2022 Offer!

You can make up to $130 per sale on our new hybrid funnel. Conversions are up to 2% and AOV is $70. We are seeing up to $1 EPCs. The sound healing market is growing during the pandemic. Everyone is looking to heal and reduce anxiety! Jump on this offer!

UPDATED Archangel Type 2021 - High Converting Angel Prayer Offer!

Brand New May 2020 Spiritual Offer! Mail 200 - 300 clicks & you'll be amazed! Converts Like HotCakes For Spiritual/LOA/Angels/Astrology Niche! Up To 85% Commissions!

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