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Do It Yourself Water Damage - Earn $25 Per Sale!

Product Summary:

Brand new, completely untapped niche. Buyers have water in their home and need it out now! DIY Water Damage is a high quality guide that walks them through the water damage restoration process.

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Product not found in marketplace:This product was not found in the ClickBank Marketplace during our last update. However, just because a product is not listed in the marketplace, does not mean it has been discontinued. If you're currently promoting this product,be sure to check that the vendor's website is up and runnning and that ClickBank is being used for payment processing.');

Vendor ID [Get Affiliate Link] capler
Marketplace Rating
RatingRatingRatingRatingRating 5 out of 5
Billing Type One-time
Click to view History Gravity 0.72   
Click to view History Referred 0%
Click to view History Commission 75%
Click to view History Avg %/sale 0%
Click to view History Avg $/sale $24.92
Click to view History Initial $/sale $24.92
Click to view History Avg Rebill Total $0.00
Click to view History Avg %/rebill 0.00%
First Seen 08/30/2008
11/14/2008 - Removed (est.)
05/10/2011 - Relisted (est.)
10/18/2012 - Removed (est.)
11/08/2012 - Relisted (est.)
02/09/2013 - Removed (est.)
05/13/2013 - Relisted (est.)
08/13/2013 - Removed (est.)
10/27/2015 - Relisted (est.)
04/22/2016 - Removed (est.)
06/08/2016 - Relisted (est.)
11/30/2016 - Removed (est.)
06/15/2022 - Relisted (est.)
07/01/2022 - Removed (est.)
Category Rank Last Chng Mntm
Graph home.improvement 7 176
7 176
Graph family 1400 11
Graph family.general 1024 11
Graph 164 11
Graph home 123 198
Name History
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