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How To Watch TV ON Your PC FREE

Product Summary:

Online TV technology let's You Enjoy Over 3,500 HD channels on your PC. No Monthly Subscriptions., No hardware installation or bandwidth restrictions. Cancel Your Cable or Satellite TV Monthly Payments NOW.

Marketplace Title:

Satellitedirect - Highest Converting Tv To PC Product

Marketplace Description:

Make Recurring Revenue With - Curiosity Pays Well!

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4 comments posted for this product
2010-02-16 3:16 PM
Posted By: wallacem
it does not appear to work on a mac as said in their add
they also list in their add that 311 stations are available for australia
when they come up on the screen there is only about 20 mostly rubbish from the title
the window then just hangs and does not connect

2010-05-19 3:36 PM
Posted By: mac717
Seems like cbengine misindentifies it as a recurring product... therefore it makes the refund rate "n/a".

The refund rate is no higher than 15%, but could be lower because there is an exit popup that offers a discounted price ($29.95).

But yeah definitely higher than 10%

2010-05-23 5:09 AM
Posted By: robhustle
no i think its around 15-20%, may be more ...

2010-05-19 11:43 AM
Posted By: robhustle
Refund Rate     n/a


Did etvcorp gave bribe to cbengine to hide the refund rate ? The refund rate is higher than 10%.

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